Autumn/Fall Favourites

…’Autumn Leaves. Hot Drinks. Scarves. Dark Evenings. Log Fires. Oversized jumpers….I LOVE Autumn!’

So I have just been watching TheSparkleicious’ Fall Favourites Tag on Youtube, and decided that I had to do it! I love this time of year, when the season changes and you can feel Winter just around the corner. I would choose it over Summer without a doubt!

So this tag asks all about your Autumn Favourites. I have to admit this wasn’t easy, but I have finally narrowed it down to my Autumn ‘must-haves’.

So grab a spiced latte and have a read!

1.Favourite Fall Candle 

At this time of year, I usually get all excited and start burning anything which is remotely a ‘Christmassy’ scent i.e. anything with cinammon. However, this month I have been obsessed with ‘Wedding Day‘ by Yankee Candle. Not an obvious choice for this time of year, and probably more of a Summer scent. However, I got married at the end of September and I had a couple given to me as gifts. I have been burning them non-stop, so I think this scent will now always remind me of this time of year. This candle has a very subtle floral smell, which is definitely not my usual choice. But I can burn it for hours as it is light and refreshing enough without being overpowering.


2. Favourite Fall Perfume

This choice was easy for me. It is without a doubt ‘Ghost Deep Night’.  At £34.00 for 50ml, it is definitely reasonable compared to other perfumes. It has everything I look for in a perfume; rich, deep and fruity rather than floral. When I look for a perfume, I tend to lean towards ‘manly’ scents, and steer away from floral undertones. It has a vanilla base which is so unique and bold, perfect for this time of year. I do find it quite heavy for the summer months, so it is definitely one I reach for at this time of year.


3. Favourite fall lip colour

Like most women, I tend to play around with deep, plum shades through the Autumn months. My corals and orange based lipsticks take a back seat, whilst my more bolder colours make an appearance. At the moment I am loving this combination:


Maybelline’s Full Colour Lip Liner in ‘Under my Spell’ – £3.99

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in ‘Plum Plum Girl’ – £8.99


Like always, I use a lip liner slightly darker than the lip colour in order to allow my lips to look fuller. I use the same method that I showed in my previous blog post for the perfect red lip:

Click here to read my post on Red Lips!

Maybelline’s Lip Liner is amazing. It is a twist pencil, which is always a bonus and glides onto your lips with a velvet finish. I don’t find it drying at all, and I would wear this all over the lips with a clear lipgloss just for a bit of a shine! 

The Bourjopis Velvet Lip Colour is extremely rich in colour. It doesn’t dry streaky on my lips and compliments the lip liner beautifully. I would apply this once, let it dry and then apply it again if you desire a deeper shade.

This is definitely my fall favourite lip combo!

lip combo

4. Favourite Fall Blush

To be completely honest, I am not a blush lover. I am a huge fan of dramatic contouring and therefore I tend to stay away from blushes and stick to matte bronzers. However, when I do reach for a blush at this time of year, I steer towards a colour that can be used in the same way as contour i.e. deep enough to create a shadow underneath my cheekbones, rather than than the apples of my cheeks. The Beauty Department have a great article showing you the difference:

Apple vs Cheekbones

The product I always reach for to do this with is:

MAC’s Powder Blush in Plum Foolery – £18.50

At £18.50, it is not cheap but to be completely honest, I am yet to find a blush to be so finely milled and have the same colour pay off as MAC’s powder blushes! And as you can see by the product below, It has had its fair use!

blushplum foolery

5.Favourite Fall item of of clothing

I am definitely all about the short skirts with baggy t-shirts and jumpers at this time of year! Through the summer, I don’t tend to wear short skirts unless I am abroad. My evening attire tends to be more of the midi-length. However, during the Autumn time, I love to team a short skirt with tights and/or a baggy top or jumper. My favourite two at the moment are:

1.I picked this one up from Urban Outfitters on a recent trip. I usually wear it with a buttoned up long sleeve black shirt, some tights and brogues.

red skirt

2.I have had so many compliments on this leather skirt from River Island. It is lined for us freezers out there! My favourite combination is definitely just a casual t-shirt with some black brogues and tights (although I have braved it without the tights also!):unnamed

6. Favourite Fall Film

At this time of year, I always reach for the classic Winter films. I am a Christmas lover through and through, so to stop me from reaching from the full on Christmas films, I tend to go for those which are set in the cold winter months. Some of my favourites are ‘You’ve got Mail’ and my ALL TIME favourites are the Bridget Jones’ Films (I have watched them over and over!)

7. Favourite Halloween Costume

This one I am definitely going to keep a secret, as my husband and I are hosting a Halloween Party this year, and I will definitely be blogging about both our outfits!

& that’s it!

Please feel free to copy this into your blog post and answer the questions.. I’d lve to read it! 




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