All about contouring…

Every girl has a different way of contouring and highlighting.

I like to combine the use of both liquids and powder to make sure my contour stays all day. This look isn’t for everyone and I do like to have quite a defined contour. If you are following these steps and want something more subtle, I would suggest using the same products but different shades. For example, use a lighter shade of MAC’s Matchmaster concealer for contouring (see below).

During the video I show you the method I use. Scroll down further for products and a more detailed breakdown….


Method and Products used

For the purposes of this video, I have already applied the moisturiser and foundation (Review on the foundation I am using at the moment coming soon!)

Step One: Liquid Contour

The best way to achieve a dramatic and deep contour is by using a liquid as well as a powder. Just like you do with liquid foundation, you are creating a ‘base’ which you can then set later on with your powder. In order to do this, you need a concealer or a foundation at least three shades darker than your natural colour. For the highlight, you can use a concealer or a foundation three shades lighter. At the moment, I am using the following:


MaxFactor  Pan Stik – Fair – £7.99 – Buy it here


MAC Matchmaster concealer  – No 8 – £17.50 – Buy it here

In order to contour properly, you want to use the darker concealer to ‘shade’ the areas you would like to define, and you want to use the lighter colour to ‘bring out’ and highlight the areas you want to stand out. By doing this, you can use contouring for not only defining your features, but also to make certain areas appear thinner or even longer.

You can make your contouring as dramatic as you want. The most obvious place to contour is underneath your cheekbones (this will narrow your face by shadowing the outer area of your cheeks). It should be pretty easy for you to find your cheekbone by following it from your ear downwards. Be careful not to follow your cheekbone with contour down as far as your mouth as this can look unnatural. Instead, stop just further than half way down. This will become clearer once you have watched the video!

If you want to take it further like I have in the video, you can also contour around the edges of your forehead which will allow your forehead to appear smaller and down the sides of your nose if you would like it to appear more narrow. Contouring under your jaw will define that area also. However, I would recommend leaving the contouring of the jawline and nose for later on with the powder only, as these areas of your face can afford to have a more subtle contour.

For your highlight, you want to brighten the areas that you want to ‘bring out’ i.e. above your cheekbones, the middle of your forehead and down your nose.

2 1


There is nothing worse than a contour which hasn’t been blended properly. Remember, all contouring is meant to do is define and highlight your own features. It is not meant to look unnatural.

I used the MAC 187 Duo Fiber brush in order to blend the darker concealer in and a beauty blender to blend the lighter concealer. It is worth using two different tools to ensure that the both shades keep their true colour and don’t mix too much. When you are happy, you can then use the sponge to bring the lighter colour down into the contour. Keep blending until all harsh lines are gone!

You will see later on in the video that I use a concealer to brighten under my eyes – To do this I used Benefit’s Boiing in 001 – Buy it here. This is not a necessity for the contouring process – I just needed a little extra help this particular morning!

3 4

Step Three – Banana Powder


Most bloggers and make-up lovers would have heard about the famous Ben Nye Banana Powder. However, unfortunately for us Brits, it is not as readily available and is extremely costly!

Luckily for us, W7 have brought out a dupe – W7 Banana Dreams. I managed to get my hands on it in a local market. However, it is easy to get your hands on it on sites such as Amazon. For a few pounds it does exactly what I wanted; it is a ‘white’ powder which I use to set any area which I put the lighter concealer; i.e. above my cheekbones and down the center of my nose.


Step Three – Set the contour

For this I used the Define & Conquer Contour Kit – £5.99 – Buy it here


The product contains a matte bronzer which I used to set the contoured areas. In order to contour effectively, it is extremely important that you use a matte powder. Any flecks of shimmer in the bronzer will counteract what you’re trying to do as they will help to reflect the light, rather than work as a shadow. Shimmer should only be used in your highlighting powder to create a contrast.

This is where I contoured both under my jawline and down the sides of my nose as well as setting the contour of my cheekbones and forehead.


Step Four – Add to your highlight

For this I used MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish – Soft and Gentle – £24.00 – Buy it here


To finish off the highlight, I added a little bit of a MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish to the top of my cheekbones. Using this in all of the areas that I used the lighter concealer would have been too overpowering. Instead, I stick to under my brow bone and the top of my cheekbone. It is just enough to catch the light and create a beautiful glow!

& you’re done! Please let me know what you think! What are your favourite contouring products?




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