The ‘your lips but better’ tutorial

A natural lip sometimes becomes a must. For example, if you are sporting a smokey eye and don’t want to go too overboard or if you need to go for a natural look all around. 


However, I don’t know about you, but sometimes my natural lips just aren’t good enough & I just want my natural lip but better.

This is exactly what the below tutorial will show you. The products I use and the method shown in the video has been my ‘go-to’ nude lip all summer, and I have no doubt that I will take it straight into the winter!

Products Used:


As explained in the tutorial, to create the fuller lip, you want to select a lip liner slightly darker then the lipstick you use. This allows you to define and shade in the outer areas and bring out the middle of your lips to make them appear fuller. Sound familiar? It is exactly the same concept as contouring your face! Click here to go to my contouring tutorial! So in simple terms, you are ‘shadowing’ the outer areas of your lips and highlighting the middle areas…Simple! Just like contouring your face, you do not want the different in shades to be an obvious contrast, so make sure the two colours are not extremely different.

The Lip Liner I used was W7 Lip Twister in the shade ‘Nude’ – I picked a tonne of these up at my local market. If you are unable to find this online, any nude colour lip liner will do. However, try and pick up a nude which has a brown undertone and has enough pay-off to enable you to create the shadowing effect shown in the video.

The Lip Stick I used was MAC’s Lipstick in ‘Pure Zen’ – Buy it here. You want to choose a nude which is creamy enough to work with and not too drying. It should be lighter than the liner you have used, and therefore be quite close to your natural lip colour. Avoid the ‘concealer’ look by staying away from a complete matte formula and instead choose a lipstick with a creamier base.

To highlight the middle of my lips even more, I used Benefit’s concealer/primer ‘Stay Don’t Stray’ in light/medium – Buy it here. If your lips tend to dry out, you can easily leave out this step!

Lastly, I used MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle – Buy it here. I only used a tiny dab of this on the centre of my lips.. you can use any white eyeshadow or highlight if you do not have this product in your collection. If you want to get rid of a white eyeshadow which you feel doesn’t have a great pay-off, use it for this purpose instead, as you don’t need much colour, just a subtle shimmer!

& That’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy ‘your lips but better’ tutorial!




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