HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Make-up tutorial…


So here it is! This is the exact make-up I will be wearing tomorrow when we host a Halloween party. 


I LOVE dressing up, but I didn’t want to do a make-up look which made me look completely horrendous as we are going out after the party! So in this tutorial, I stick to the main make-up rules of contouring and highlighting to make sure that you still have some definition… even if that definition is black and scary!

The key to this look is not to panic if something goes wrong. It is meant to look scary it is Halloween after all! So if something messes up, you can easily make it work!

In order to complete this look, the following products are essential:

♥ White face paint (I picked mine up from a local fancy dress shop)


♥ A black, white, and two different shades of purple eyeshadows – these will be used for both your contour and your eyes. I used the below no7 palette – this is extremely old, so I am guessing it is no longer available. But don’t worry.. the colours do not have to be exact to achieve the same look! (for reference, I used the purple on the top right to blend and the purple third from the top for the whole lid).


♥ A white/translucent powder – you will be using this a lot to blend the face paint (which is ridiculously hard to work with) and also to set all your work. I used w7 Banana Dreams Powder, but any white or translucent powder will do the trick!


♥ A pale foundation or concealer – this is for the same reason above. The white paint can be very hard to blend, so using a liquid can make it easier to work with.


♥ A black kohl eyeliner. This will be what you use to line your lips and define your eyes. If you can get your hands on a black lip liner, then even better! Please be careful if using an eyeliner on your mouth – you do not want to get it in your mouth! It may be worth testing it a little first before going all out just in case your lips do not agree with it!


♥ Lashes – any lashes will do, but they really do help to make the look more dramatic!

♥ Fake blood – I picked mine up from a local fancy dress shop. You can skip this if you like, it is not as essential as the other products!

The captions on the video are a little hard to read, you may need to make the video full screen in order to read them! (Sorry!)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!




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