Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Review

I have wanted to try out this foundation for a long time now…but the numerous reviews online kept swaying my decision. A lot of you were saying that you felt that the actual formula of the foundation had changed, and no longer was your ‘holy grail’ foundation (which obviously put me off!)

However, after becoming a little tired of my regular foundation due to its thickness (Seventeen Stay Time Foundation), I wanted to try something that still had a medium to full coverage, but was lighter on the skin. For those of you who are familiar with Seventeen Stay time foundation, you will know exactly why I wanted to do this.. It is like GLUE and although the end result is flawless, it is extremely difficult to blend and can feel very very heavy on the skin. I purchased the Healthy Mix Foundation in the shade ‘Dark Beige’ from my local Boots store. The foundation was available in 8 different shades which seems like quite a wide range. But my skin can sometimes be on the pale side, and the shade I have was the 4th from the darkest available. This may be something to consider if you have a more tanned or darker complexion.

Here are my main benefits and drawbacks of the product….Scroll down the bottom for the video of me demonstrating its longevity throughout a normal working day!

1st Benefit – Price

I really wanted to avoid the higher end foundations. I use a lot of foundation as I wear it everyday and I do like a full coverage, so as much as I love the famous foundations such as Estee Lauder Double Wear, I am just not willing to pay that price for an every day foundation. That brings me to the first advantage of this foundation, its price. Although it is probably on the higher end of drugstore foundations, at £9.99 for 30ml, it is not going to break the bank. Unlike my previous foundation, a small amount will go a long way and it is easily blendable, so you are less likely to go through the bottle in record time! I remember going through so many bottles of Estee Lauder so quickly, that I ended up begrudging actually applying it to my face! The battle of beauty eh?

2nd – Its finish and coverage

I would describe this foundation as medium to full coverage. I like to wear a full coverage most days, so I was delighted that I was able to build a couple of layers up to make it the coverage I desired. The product is extremely easy to blend and because of this.. easy to build! However, I wouldn’t describe the finish as completely flawless, and I have to admit I did have to use a little concealer in areas where I needed a little help. But what I do love about it, is that the finish it gives is quite dewy and not completely matte. The product description states that it includes crystalline pigments, which allow the natural light to still reach your skin and give you a healthy glow. I would definitely agree with this statement! The dewy finish is something which I am not used to (I usually stick to a matte finish), and it definitely helped the product live up to its ‘healthy’ name. There is no denying that the finish this product gives is beautiful.

3rd – It actually helps your skin!

So many foundations I have tried can give a lovely finish, but have such an adverse impact on my skin. With this foundation, it claims to possess a ‘fruit formula’ (apricot for radiance, melon for hydration and apple for youth). So far, I have not broken out or noticed any harm to my skin. I do think it allows my skin to ‘breathe’. One thing I would say is that the fruity formula is definitely obvious in the scent of the foundation. If a strong scent is enough to put you off a foundation, then you may want to avoid this product for that reason alone.

& now onto the bad points…

1st – You may need to remove excess oil from your skin throughout the day

I have never experienced oily skin to the point where I feel I need to use a blot powder throughout the day…until I used this product. You will see from the video below that by lunchtime, my skin was in serious need of some matting! It is not a major problem for me, and it isn’t enough to put me off the foundation. I am assuming it is due to all the ingredients it possesses to allow that ‘healthy glow’ that it boasts. If you do suffer with oily skin, then this wouldn’t be the product for you (although in all fairness to the product, it doesn’t claim to be mattifying in any way.) 

2nd – It doesn’t live up to its 16 hour coverage.

Immediately after applying - 8am

Immediately after applying – 8am

12.30 - 4.5 hours after application

12.30 – 4.5 hours after application

8 hours after application

8 hours after application

To be fair to the product, and as you can see by the video below, it did have a good go at living up to it’s reputation. I don’t completely disagree with this statement – it does have some staying power. I had it on for a full 8 hours and by the end of the day, there was definitely a moderate coverage left. However, at this point if I wanted to continue to wear the product, I would have had to touch up or blot away the oiliness again; and therefore I wouldn’t say it lives up to its ‘radiance and flawless complexion for 16 hours’ claim. This may be a problem for some but to be honest, I would always touch up my make-up or re-do it after a long period anyway if I was planning to continue to wear it. So for me personally, it is not a huge drawback, but it should be mentioned nonetheless!

So do the good points outweigh the bad? Definitely! The foundation does give a beautiful finish; it leaves my skin looking healthy with a radiant glow and yet the finish is so light you sometimes forget your wearing anything on your skin. The fact that I need to blot some of the dewiness away throughout the day and possibly re-apply the product before 16 hours passes is a small price to pay for the end result. So in my eyes, this product is definitely a winner!




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