Because every girl needs a new autumn handbag, right?

So I am completely in love with my recent find… my new Kurt Geiger shoulder bag.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across this bargain! If this blog post teaches you anything, then please let it be that if you are a girl like me that likes the designers, but doesn’t want to pay the full whack… then shop in TK Maxx!


I wanted to make this post pretty quick after purchasing the bag… as we all know, good items in TK Maxx do not stay around long! Although you may not be able to find this exact bag, they had a tonne of Kurt Geiger items in my local store, including bags, purses and boots!

This bag cost me…wait for it… £40.00!

Taking into account that some Kurt Geiger bags can reach £300.00, there is no denying this was a complete steal!

But as well as the amazing price tag, there are so many reasons why this bag has quickly become my favourite. Firstly, it is the equivalent of a Mary Poppins bag! With three large, separate compartments, it is big enough to be my work bag (I have to carry a diary, sometimes an A4 folder and multiple pens!) and an evening bag.

Inside of the bag

Inside of the bag

I love the fact that it is so durable (god I sound old!). It’s a lovely feeling having a new handbag, but there is nothing worse than it being so delicate and easy to damage that you can’t take it anywhere! I have a Kurt Geiger cream shoulder bag and as much as I love it, it marks so easily! With this one, the black patent leather means I can throw it into the back of my car after a long days work and not worry about the aftermath of my carelessness…perfect for someone like me! The bottom of the bag also has gold hardware which means that it stands upright on its own and doesn’t damage the bottom of the bag.


The black patent finish is looks so classy, and I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about whether it will go with my outfit.. because it always does! When you think that this cost less than some of the bags you can get in the high street stores (which may I add break so easily), I think it’s safe to say I found a winner!


It has definitely become my Autumn must-have!




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