All about the nails..Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish

i AM TRYING my absolute best to lay off the acrylic tips and go ‘au natural’ for a little bit in the nail department…

Because of this, I have probably tried an unhealthy amount of nail polishes in the past couple of months. i am yet to find a combo that has allowed me to enjoy my nails in their natural, brittle and uneven state more than the fake stuff.

BUT on the other hand, I have found an amazing colour which I am obsessed with, especially going into the winter & it is… (drumroll please)…

Maybelline's Color Show

Maybelline’s Color Show – Downtown Red

At £3.99 for 7ml, it is on the reasonable side for a nail polish. The actual nail polish itself is very rich in colour (I used two coats which was ample) and extremely fast drying. As the product itself claims to dry in 60 seconds, I would say it does exactly what it says on the tin! To finish it off, I added OPI Top Coat, which is the product I always reach for to finish off my colour and add an amazing shine.


The colour is the most perfect deep red. If I could wear a shade of red all year around it would be a red with an orange undertone, but for the winter I feel like I should venture out and try deeper, more wintery shades just like this one. If you are a fan of the brighter red, then they also do a shade called ‘Power Red’ which I also have and it earns the same brownie points for colour pay off and glossiness as the darker shade does.

Then onto the downside. In fact, this is a downside of every nail polish I have tried on my natural nails (apart from OPI which in my book wins hands down every time). The staying power. I honestly think that if I could find a nail polish which stayed as perfect as my nails do when I have acrylics, then I would never venture out to the nail bar again. Below shows my nails after one full day of wearing the colour. I want to stress that I don’t find this a specific fault of the product alone and like I said I tend to experience this with most nail polishes. But the difference is here is that I also applied a top coat of OPI and not even that could protect the rich colour from chipping.

Chipping after one day of wear

Chipping after one day of wear

With a colour as deep as this, you just can’t afford for it to chip as it shows straight away and just looks completely unfinished.

So there it is, the colour, shine and product itself is beautiful. However, until I can find something which can keep the wear and chipping at bay, I think I will be crawling back to that nail bar for extensions with my tail between my legs.

Have you found a nail varnish that stands the test of time?




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