Monday: Leg Day

So if you have read my previous post, you will know that monday is leg day.

hERE IS THE ROUTINE I followed today:

Firstly, I want to stress that I am in no way a qualified fitness instructor or nutritionist. But what I can say is that my love for it has meant that I have a whole lot of information that I want to share!

Reps and sets

This may be too simple for regular gym goers, but just to avoid confusion for those who aren’t familiar with these type of exercises, a ‘rep’ is one full movement of the exercise being performed. A ‘set’ is when you have completed the said amount of reps of one exercise. So, for example, in this workout today I used 3 x 12 (3 sets of 12 reps i.e. 3 sets of 12 completed movements). It is important that you keep a ‘rest’ period when you are performing weight lifting. In between each set give yourself at least a minute to recover before completing another set.

Warm up and cool down

I don’t show my warm up and cool down here but it is very important that you incorporate both into your workouts in order to avoid injury and maximise your workout. In order to make your warm-up efficient you need to firstly generally warm your body temperature up. You can do this, by, for example, performing a fast walk on the running machine for a couple of minutes. When you have done this, you need to warm up the specific body parts you are going to train that day. You can firstly do this by stretching them out (make sure you do this after hopping on the running machine). Secondly, you need to perform ‘warm up’ sets before each exercise. For example, if you were going to complete your working sets on the leg press using 150kg, then you would want to do warm up sets using progressively heavier weights working your way to 150kg. The warm up sets are what will allow you to prepare the target muscles you are using and the the joints which will be working during the exercised performed.

The cool down will allow you to bring your body back down to a ‘rest’ phase or a ‘pre workout’ state. Cooling down will allow you to reduce the blood lactic acid levels, reduce muscle soreness etc. You can cool down by gradually reducing your heart rate through an exercise of your choice. An example would be reducing from a run into a jog and then into a slow walk. Finish off your workout by stretching the relevant body parts worked. I will be doing a blogpost on my stretching routine but for now, you can find so many articles on

So here is my workout for today:

Exercise Reps/Sets Click here to see exercise and learn proper form!
Leg Extension 12 x 3  Click here
Leg Press (using a wide stance) 12 x 3  Click here
Walking Dumbbell Lunge 12 x 3 Click here
Single Leg Dumbbell Deadlift 12 x 3  Click here
Leg Curl 12 x 3  Click here
Standing Calf Raises 15 x 3  Click here
Seated Calf Raises

If you haven’t got access to a seated calf machine, take a weighted sandbag/weighted plate, sit on the edge of a bench and place the weight on your lap before lifting your heels up and back down (one rep).

15 x 3  Click here
Dumbell Squats Until failure  Click here

Do not be put off if you haven’t got access to some of the equipment I used today; you can always find an alternative.. fitness websites are full of them!

You want to use a weight which allows you to complete the full amount of reps on each set, but makes it a challenge to do so. If a weight is so heavy that you lose form or can’t complete a set, you need to lower your weight. When I want to challenge myself, I use ‘drop weights’. I start with a weight I know will be a little heavy for me to complete my set with. As soon as my form starts to go or I can’t complete another rep, I pick up a lower weight (which I have to hand) to complete my set. Just remember, if you can’t feel the tension in the muscle your training but can feel it somewhere else, you need to go back to square one and work on your form. You can do serious injury if you ignore it and you’re progress will be hindered.

So I hope you enjoyed this workout! Join me on Wednesday for back and biceps!




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