Training Day Two: Back and Biceps

Today I trained back and biceps.. possibly my favourite body parts to train!

I love training back because it is probably the part of my body which shows straight away after training…and backless tops/dresses are my favourite! Biceps are another favourite of mine, they can really define your whole body shape!


Left: Before Training Right: After Training


  1. Warm up and cool down

I explained this a little more in my previous post (leg day – click here), so I won’t include it here. But do make sure you add both a warm up and cool down to ALL your workouts…it is extremely important.

So here is my workout for today:

Exercise Reps/Sets Click here to see exercise and learn proper form! Main muscle worked
Low Row (also known as seated cable row) 12 x 4  Click here Middle Back
Wide grip lat pull down 12 x 3  Click here Lats
Bent over barbell row (medium grip) 12 x 3  Click here Middle back
Back Extension 12 x 3  Click here Lower back
Incline Dumbell Curl 12 x 3  Click here Biceps
Standing dumbell curl 15 x 3  Click here Biceps
Barbell Curl Until failure  Click here Biceps

You can always switch, swap and change things to fit your likes and your gym equipment… as long as you are still targeting the right muscles!

Tomorrow (Friday) will be chest and triceps!

Thanks for reading!




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