Make up for those who wear glasses!


So I am having laser eye surgery on Wednesday…which means I will never have to reach for a pair of glasses again!
This got me thinking…without even realising it I do tend to tweak my make-up on the days I reach for my glasses rather than my contact lenses.
I like to use certain tricks to ensure that my make-up still looks complete and done even when wearing glasses. I like to go big on coverage, contour and highlight but keep my eyes pretty simple and defined. Avoiding liner on your waterline will allow your eyes to appear bigger (and not completely hidden by your glasses). A full coverage will allow you to show off your defined cheekbones and chiselled features even with a pair of frames in the way. I don’t use a bold colour on my lips here, but you can definitely afford to when wearing your specs! Your eyebrows will frame your face, and usually be quite visible compared to the rest of your eye area, so these need to look polished and groomed to complete the look.
I hope you enjoy this make-up look!

Click here for the video!



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