How I clean my brushes!

Cleaning make-up brushes is definitely up there with one of the most boring chores around…but also an essential one!


The majority of us wear make-up and many of us use make-up brushes to apply it with, but it is so surprising how many of us neglect the care and sanitisation of our brushes. What is even more surprising is how most of us are completely oblivious to the fact that by neglecting your brushes, you are also neglecting your skin…and here’s why:

  • Everyone has some sort of cleansing/toning or wash routine in the morning for their face. You sit in front of your mirror with a nice, clean complexion to begin your make-up…and then you go and add dirt and dead skin straight back on with your make-up brush! Make-up brushes are continuously collecting all sorts of horrible elements…which you are now sharing with your face!
  • Wet surfaces/applicator are bacteria’s dream. Bacteria can build incredibly quickly on brushes which tend to be damp/wet i.e.. foundation brushes/concealer brushes. This is why it is extremely important that they are sanitised before you spread that lovely bacteria into your products and onto your face.
  • As well as neglecting your skin, your brushes are also being neglected! Lets be honest, brushes are not cheap! The more time you leave between washes, the harder it is to clean them and get rid of all the disgusting build up of product. This can lead to bristles getting tugged, pulled and pushed in the wrong way and inevitably a shorter life for your brush. Trust me…you will make your life easier by regularly cleaning them.
  • Ever had that frustrating thing happen to you where you dip an eye-shadow brush into a pearly white shade only to find there is a black residue on it from its last use which is now smeared underneath your brow bone? Yep..enough said.

So that is all the preaching out of the way…now here are some tips to make the cleaning of brushes not as horrendous as it may seem..

  • Make the washing of your brushes part of your weekly routine to avoid going around in circles. If you struggle to remember to do this, make it a ritual by picking a certain time of week to do it and stick to it. For example, if you apply a face mask weekly, use the time the face mask is setting to wash your brushes.
  • It is unrealistic to say you are going to thoroughly wash your make-up brushes everyday… but definitely rotate face brushes every 2-3 days if you can. To make life easier, purchase a second brush so you can rotate them and leave the period between washing longer.
  • Keep two separate storage solutions for both clean and dirty brushes. If you use jars like I do to store your make-up brushes, have one for clean and one for used applicators. By doing this, you will know exactly which ones you need to wash…keeping them all in one place can lead to you either cleaning clean brushes or missing dirty ones!

So after all that, here is my current method:




& For a quick review of the brush cleanser I used:

Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel – £7.50. Buy it here


I bought the cleanser hoping that it would do weird and wonderful things. I have always used baby shampoo and at times, found it hard to break down the residue on the brushes and get the bristles completely clean. The product itself has a pleasant, fruity smell and foams up a little on use, giving the feel of a deep cleanse. However, I do have to be honest and say that the end result was no different to the result I get when using baby shampoo. I will use it and won’t let it go to waste, but I will definitely be going back to basics after I have used it up and won’t be repurchasing.

I hope you enjoyed this blog!




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