Chest and Triceps!


I am so sorry for the lack of fitness posts recently. I underwent laser eye surgery two weeks ago which meant a ban from the gym for a whole week…so it is only this week that I have really got back into it!

So today is all about the chest and triceps. I LOVE working these body parts. It is definitely a workout where you can see a different straight away.

As women, it is easy to think that you can ‘skip’ certain body parts and focus on the desired Kim K bum or Cameron Diaz’s abs. But in order to stay in proportion and tone up all of your body, it is important that you train all body parts. You can still focus more on the stubborn areas…but don’t completely neglect anywhere if you want to see great results.

Make sure you warm up and cool down prior and after working out. I talk about this briefly here.

So enough of the rambling…here is my workout!

Exercise Reps/Sets Click here to see exercise and learn proper form!
Wide push up

(Modify by kneeling if a full push up gets too difficult)

15 x 3  Click here
Barbell Bench press

(if you haven’t got access to a barbell, use dumbbells)

Warm up set

Working set – 12 x 3

 Click here
Dumbbell flyes Warm up set

Working set – 12 x 3

Click here
Narrow push ups

(Modify by kneeling if a full push up gets too difficult)

15 x 3 Click here
Standing dumbbell triceps extensions

(Focus on getting your form right before completing any sets)

12  x 3 Click here
Cable triceps Pushdown 12 x 2

Last set to failure

Click here

It sounds really simple, but REMEMBER what muscles you are focusing on working. If at any point during your workout, you can’t feel the main muscle working that the exercise is targeting, then you’re not performing the exercise right and you need to go back to basics. There is nothing wrong with spending a gym session familiarising yourself with the exercises and form before starting the program. I often ask my husband to check my form in the gym…its the only way you will see progress without injuring yourself.

So I hope you enjoyed this workout!




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