A look inside my make-up room!

When we moved to our new home, I was determined that I wanted a beauty/dressing room!

This little piece of heaven holds all of my make-up, skincare, hair products, clothes and shoes….it is surprising how much you can fit into a small room if you are clever with storage solutions!

It is great having my own space. It means I can get ready, do all of my blogging and keep all my things in one room without cluttering the rest of the house! On a practical level, it is definitely a lot easier when my husband and I are getting ready at the same time!

So here are a few photos and details of the layout/storage systems I have utilised!


My make-up space


Nail Rack: Ebay



Storage solutions inside drawers are from Homesense.


Tripod: PC World Lighted Mirror: Boots (No7)


Body lotions/ Skin care. Train cases can be used for all sorts of storage, not just make-up. I love using it for body care as it still looks neat once I lock it. It makes everything easy to access.

I hope this was helpful!




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