Monthly favourites!

So here are the products I have been loving this month!


Soap & Glory ‘Smoothie Star’ – Deep Moisture body Milk – £10.00

Buy it here


I have fallen back in love with this product since purchasing it a long time ago! At the moment I am trying my best to get through all of my existing body care products I have…& I have definitely remembered why this used to be my favourite!

The smell is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion…but it certainly isn’t for everyone (my husband isn’t a fan!) If you like fresh, citrus smells for example then this almond, sugary scent probably isn’t going to be your favourite. The scent is quite ‘heavy’, but this is exactly what I like about it! It isn’t as thick as a body butter, but is sufficient to leave my skin smooth and its practical pump applicator means I can leave it by the side of my bed and apply it without forgetting on an evening.

Yankee Candle – Red Apple Wreath – £21.99


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This candle has really helped to get me in the Christmas spirit! The scent of sweet apples and cinammon is enough to get everybody in the festive mood! I personally haven’t found any other candle brand that has a scent pay off and burning time like Yankee Candle does. The only drawback that I have found with Yankee Candles is that the top of the jars always go black! Apart from this I don’t think there is a yankee candle I have tried which I haven’t loved.

Avon’s Mrs Frosty Bubble Bath ‘Spiced Apple’ – £2.00


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This novelty product was probably designed for kids and I probably shouldn’t have got so excited about getting my hands on it… but I did! The product is only 250ml, but for only £2.00 you can’t really complain! The main thing which drew me to this Christmassy bubble bath was the spiced apple scent…and it doesn’t disappoint! The bubble bath foams up and does exactly what a bubble bath is meant to! It doesn’t do anything weird and wonderful and it isn’t beneficial to my skin in terms of moisturising it but then it doesn’t claim to be anything other than a festive bubble bath either. If you are looking for something just to get your pampering sessions all festive, then this is it!

Bedhead Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray – £8/9

Although I buy mine from a hair salon, it is readily available on Amazon (like here)


This is another product which I used to use religiously. I repurchased it recently and I am once again hooked! If a great scent on a hairspray doesn’t draw you in, then you may want to rethink purchasing this as for me, the scent is one of the main things that makes this hairspray great. It has a ‘tropical berry’ scent which is so noticeable and I never ever get bored of. For those of you familiar with Bed Head products by Tigi, you will know their scents never disappoint! The product definitely does leave a shine to my hair and its firm hold keeps my hair in place on those bad hair days! The only downside for me is that I find the product quite sticky and once it is applied, I find it extremely difficult to brush out if I need to re-style. As I wash my hair everyday, this isn’t a major issue for me but if you don’t then you may want to reconsider.

Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxurious Body wash – ‘Bewitching blackberry and wild fig’ – £2.00

Buy it here


This product is probably one of the best body washes I have ever tried! The formula is absolutely incredible! It transforms from a gel substance into a creamy lather. Its thick substance allows for a very luxurious feel and the Blackberry scent is equally as pleasant. My skin feels very smooth after using it too! Because of its formula, the product also boasts that it can also be used for shaving and at  £2.00 for 200ml (which lasts even longer than usual due to it foaming on use), you can’t really go wrong!

Lipcote Original Lipstick sealer – £3.69

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This time of year I love to experiment with darker and bolder lip colours. The lipcote lipstick sealer is just a simple way to ensure that the lip colour stays on my lips and doesn’t transfer. I apply one coat, leave it dry and then apply a second. This stuff is amazing for stopping any transfer and allowing your lip colour to stay! I have found with some lipsticks it causes the product to  gather and ‘break’ up on my lips. But it works brilliantly if you fill your lips in with liner only and then seal it with the Lipcote!

Primark Natural Look Lashes – £1.00


These lashes are so affordable and if you like to use lashes all of the time then buying from the well known brands can get extremely expensive. These say they are ‘natural look’ but for me, I think they are quite dramatic so if you like a very natural eye you may be disappointed. I have them on in this tutorial if you would like to see what they are like! I do have to use an alternative adhesive than the one that comes in the pack as I don’t find it strong enough…but apart from that I think these eyelashes are a steal!

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch – £26.50

Buy it here

I am currently using the sample of this that I had in my Clarins advent calendar last week. I have used it before ( I also had another sample) and it is an incredible primer! It feels like a paste when applied and ‘smooths’ over any imperfections to create an even base for your foundation. Although I would guess that this is primarily aimed at the older woman as an anti-ageing primer, I would say it is also great for my generation  who just want a smoothing primer which is thick enough to create an even base but also lets your skin breath. The obvious downside is the price, but I do think I will be purchasing the full size once my sample runs out!

Maybelline’s Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil – £5.99

Buy it here

I have the pencil in the shades ‘dark blonde’ and ‘dark brown’. It is definitely without a doubt the best eyebrow pencil I have ever tried. It is a duo applicator, with a retractable pencil on one side and a sponge containing eyeshadow/brow powder on the other.  I tend to rarely use the sponge side, and would be just as happy with use of the pencil only. The practical retractable applicator means I am never searching for a sharpener (which is great for the lazy user like me!) I am very fussy with eyebrow pencils and I have dismissed so many as I find them too ‘waxy’. This one is not like that, and the colour pay off is great. I usually mix the two shades to create the perfect shade for me.

So those are my current favourites. I hoped it was helpful! Please link your favourites before as I love reading them!




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