Shoulders and abs workout!

I am back with another workout! Today I trained shoulders and abs. To me there is nothing more attractive on a woman than shapely shoulders..and I do everything to make sure that I include training them in my weekly workouts.

Abs for me have always been my ‘trouble spot’. They are definitely the toughest part of my body to keep lean and my lower stomach is always the first place I put on weight…so I definitely like to make sure I incorporate ab workouts into my routine!

Make sure you warm up and cool down prior and after working out. I talk about this briefly here.

So enough of the rambling…here is my workout!

Exercise Reps/Sets Click here to see exercise and learn proper form!
Barbell Shoulder press Warm up set

Working set: 15 x 3

Click here
Dumbbell front raise 15 x 3  Click here
Dumbbell lateral raise 15 x 3 Click here
Standing Dumbbell press


2 sets of 15

one set to failure

Click here

A circuit of:

Leg raises, Mountain climbers and Bicycle crunches

(15 leg raises,30 mountain climbers and 30 bicycles crunches) – perform all exercises after each other and then rest – repeat 3 times

So I hope you enjoyed this workout! It is relatively quick…but effective!




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