Clarins’ Skin Smoothing Eye Mask: Review


So this review format is a little different…it’s my first ‘speaking’ video as I wanted to switch things up a bit! I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think of the product!

Before you watch the video, this is what Clarins states about the skin smoothing eye mask:

Up all night? This is the treatment to reach for. Clarins intensive, 5-minute spa mask energises tired eyes—minimising signs of fatigue and stress. A refreshing blend of Wild Rose, Apricot and Rose Water helps decongest, smooth and tone eye contours for an immediate feeling of well-being. Creates a smooth surface for eye make-up application. 

Here are some quick facts about the product 

  • It retails at £30.50 for 30ml
  • contains wild rose to prevent puffiness
  • contains serrated Palmetto to prevent swelling
  • & rice starch for a matte appearance
  • The apricot allows it to moisturise and the rose water allows it to soften your skin
  • Shows results after five minutes (in my opinion!)

So here is the video. I hope you enjoy!




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