January clothes haul!

Like I need to do any more shopping in January!

But anyway…

My birthday is only two days after Christmas (27th), so I usually like to spend any birthday money I kindly receive in the January sales.

Unfortunately this year, I left it a little too late! Most of the bargains had gone, and so I found myself strolling to the full price items in most shops.

I really wanted a pair of ‘over the knee’ boots and luckily, the pair i found were in the sale, but most other items were new stock and therefore not discounted. I purchased most of the clothes with the mind of wearing them with the boots…so here’s what I bought…

BeFunky Collage.jpg1.jpg

Suede Thigh high boots: These were from River Island, and I managed to pick them up for £50.00 down from £85.00! I have tried on black thigh high boots in the past, but I just wasn’t blown away by them on myself personally. I wanted a colour was were a bit more wearable..and despite the stiletto heel, they are very comfortable!

Black Shirt: This is from Primark and it was also in the sale. I purchased it for £7.00 instead of £14.00! I love it with these boots, and I think I will definitely be wearing this as a combo.


Hat: This hat is from H&M and I purchased it for the full price at £19.99. I loved the leather band around it for detail and the colour is a little more wearable than black. I am going to Madrid next month, so I will definitely be taking this with me!

Denim Dress: Probably not the obvious choice for the winter, but this will definitely be taking me into the Spring. It is from Miss Selfridge, and at £42.00 it wasn’t cheap, but again I loved it with the boots!

Grey dress: This dress is from Primark also, and I picked it up for £10.00. It is very flattering on (which is surprising as usually Primark clothes don’t tend to fit me very well) and it is plain so I can team it with any accessories.


Green MAC: The photo doesn’t do this coat any justice, but it feels absolutely gorgeous on! It is a thick MAC coat, so it’ll take me through to Spring and is great for mild weather. Again, I purchased this at full price (£65.00) from Miss Selfridge. The quality is amazing on this and I will wear it a lot so £65.00 seems quite reasonable in my eyes! It has a tie to hold it closed, but I personally prefer it open…my favourite buy!

Cream Cardigan: This cardigan was £65.00 from River Island. It is thicker than a normal cardigan and can be worn more like a jacket. Again, I know I will have a lot of wear out of this and I will definitely be taking it to Madrid with me. It has a very similar cut and shape as the Green Mac above.

I hope you enjoyed this haul!

Thanks for reading!




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