2016 Goals!

I didn’t want to call this New Year’s Resolutions, as most of these things I have always tried to maintain or improve on! But I did want to do a post about the goals I am setting myself in 2016. So here they are!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Health and Fitness

I think these are on everybody’s to-do list at this time of year! I have always been pretty good when it comes to healthy eating and the gym, but there is definitely room for improvement. So my goals are:
  • Add more cardio into my routine. If you have been reading my gym posts, you will know that the routine I have been following has no cardio in it for the first ‘phase’. This allows you to build up the muscle initially. Now that I feel that this has happened, I am ready to blitz off excess fat by introducing more cardio into my workout. I have never been a massive fan of cardio, but I must admit that I have missed it! There will be a whole post up on here soon soon about my 2016 gym program.
  • Add more fitness classes into my routine. My gym membership allows me to have full use of all the classes and swimming pool…but I have never utlised them! I will always be a bigger fan of the gym than a class, but I am definitely going to look into some classes that I can add into my weekly routine. It will probably be down the route of yoga or pilates, as they will be great for my stretching and flexibility.
  • Write a food diary. I am a massive foodie, and I am constantly thinking about my next meal, so dieting isn’t an option for me. But I do feel that I can afford to cut down on my snacking. I am never aware until I reflect on the day quite how much I snack…so I want to write a food diary to just make me more conscious of what I am eating on a daily basis! I might do these and then upload them weekly as part of my fitness section. Let me know if this is something you would like to see!
  • Cut down on salt and drink more water – these are probably popular resolutions for a lot of people. My salt intake is ridiculously high, so that is definitely something I need to focus on this year. As well as that, I drink way too much coffee, and I often replace water with this (working in an office doesn’t help!) So I am going to make a conscious effort to drink more water on a daily basis.
  • Cook from scratch more – I absolutely love cooking, but I definitely want to increase how much I do it. I am a pescetarian and my husband is a meat eater, so sometimes it is more convenient to cook something simple and quick (cooking two separate meals with completely different ingredients can be hard). But I am going to meal plan at the beginning of the week…planning ahead will definitely make it easier! My parents kindly gifted me a slow cooker for Christmas, and I have already made great use out of it!

Beauty and skincare

  • Have a ‘pamper’ night once a week- I am pretty religious with taking off my make-up every night,  but sometimes I neglect my skin by not giving it a deep cleanse through a fasemask etc. I also don’t exfoliate my skin as much as I should. Throughout the working week, I usually feel extremely tired by the Wednesday…so having a pamper night every Wednesday/Thursday (face mask, exfoliate, moisturise etc) will keep me going the rest of the week and make my skin look more alive for the weekend!
  • Body brush my skin daily – I am an absolute believer that dry body brushing is the only way to reduce cellulite (apart from your diet etc) I used to swear by it and carried it out daily. But recently I have got a bit lazy with it and I am definitely noticing a difference. Instead of keeping it in my beauty room, it is now next to the shower to remind me to use it before popping in the shower everyday.


  • 2015 was the year I started my blog, and to say I am hooked is an understatement. I absolutely love blogging, and I love reading other peoples blogs also. So my goal for 2016 is to keep building on my blog and improving photo quality, video quality and writing content. I also want to make an effort to film more ‘talking’ videos (reviews etc) to get myself out of my comfort zone.

So that is it!

What are your resolutions?

Thanks for reading!




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