Weekly meal plan and recipes <3


Food shop!

This is a little different to my normal posts, but I really wanted to be more organised this year with meal planning. I used to do meal prep and it made my life so much easier! So here is my weekly meal plan (starting tomorrow as I am going away the end of next week). 

My best tips for meal plan success are:

  • Make lists! Sounds obvious but to have a meal plan, you need to be a good list maker! It doesn’t just stop at the actual plan itself; you need to know exactly what you need to buy, what will go off first etc. So make sure you have a list of your meal plan, a list of the ingredients you need for when you go shopping and also a list of specific ingredients needed for each meal
  • Look in your kitchen first! The amount of times I have gone to Tesco and come home with a duplicate in my fridge is embarrassing! Always start your meal planning by using up what’s in your fridge..it’ll help you save money and not waste food!
  • Don’t forget to add into your meal plan your social life! There will be days when you won’t need to cook certain meals at all (going out for food, eating over a friends’ house etc), so make sure you don’t ‘over plan’ and end up with wasted food!

I especially wanted to do this to show that even when you live with someone who has different dietary requirements than you, it is still possible! I don’t eat meat and my husband loves meat, so I have to make room for that when planning my meals.

 I rely on two crucial kitchen appliances to make most of my meals and make me think i am the cooking goddess which I definitely am not:

  • Morphy Richards Slow cooker (25.49) I love this because you can throw everything in and leave it for a few hours to cook itself. I love the fact that my house constantly smells of food also (…is that weird?!)  – Buy it here
  • Morphy Richards Soup Maker (£44.99). I have only recently discovered this, and it is my new best friend! You can literally throw in frozen vegetables and within 20 minutes it has cooked them and blended them into an amazing soup. You can also make smoothies in it! – Buy it here

So here is my meal plan for this week:


The breakfasts and lunch are not set in stone and most of the time my husband will eat something different, but the dinner’s are pretty much accurate. The only thing that may change is the day we have it!

  • Recipes:
  • Vegetable Enchilidas – Click here for the recipe I used
  • Vegetable Chickpea curry (done in the slow cooker) – Click here for the recipe I used
  • Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup – Click here for the recipe I use (I also add vegetable stock)
  • Vegetable and Lentil Soup – Click here for the recipe I use
  • Broccoli and stilton soup – Click here for the recipe I use
  • Mushroom Stroganoff – click here for the recipe I use

I hope this post give you some ideas for recipes and planning!

Happy planning!




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