Pack with me! What’s in my travel bag? Skincare <3

My lovely husband was kind enough to book a trip to Madrid as a birthday gift for me! We leave on Thursday, and I am so excited!  I have always been quite organised when it comes to packing, especially with toiletries and make-up. There is something exciting about trying to fit your whole beauty regime into one modest travel bag. So I decided to create a mini series showing exactly what I tend to take with me on my trip. This post will include skincare only. Bodycare hair care, make-up and clothes will be to follow!


So let’s start with skincare…


The above may look like a lot, but most items are travel size, which is a great way to save room when you are travelling. Another great way to save space is by using empty travel size bottles and re-filling them. This is what I have done above for my cleanser and toner. I will never switch from my cleanser and toner when I am away for the sake of saving room. If I have found something which works for me (which I have), I will find a way to take it with me. The last thing you want on your trip is to break out …keep using what your skin is used to! For my moisturiser, I can afford to be a little more lenient as I tend to switch these up from time to time and I am yet to find a product that I am completely loyal to like I am with the rest of my skincare regime.


I have spoken about my love for the Dr Organics Range before, and my current skincare regime is the same as it was when I wrote about it here. I have currently used the last of my night cream and Sanctuary’s Luxury Bath Float. As these bottles and tubs are small, I have filled these with my favourite cleanser and toner to be able to fit them in my modest luggage space!

The other skincare products I am taking with me are:

  • Clarins Gentle Day Cream and Night Cream for Sensitive Skin – As I explained above, I can afford to switch moisturisers up now and again as long as I have tried them before. As these are for sensitive skin, they are very gentle and don’t break me out. The fact that I have the miniature sizes to hand is also useful as they don’t take up much room at all.
  • Cotton pads and a headband – The amount of times I have gone away and forgotten cotton pads is ridiculous! I end up trying to use all my lovely products with some harsh toilet paper (not good!) So I have made a conscious effort to pack my cotton pads early. I love these headbands from Sanctuary. I hate taking my make-up off and ending up with cleanser in my my hair! This one is brand new as I was lucky enough to receive it in a Sanctuary gift box for Christmas and as I already have one on the go, I am going to keep this nice and fresh in the packaging for when I am away!
  • Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover for waterproof and heavy makeup – I have recenty become a lover of this and if I wasn’t taking this with me, I would have a pack of make-up wipes to remove most of my make-up before cleansing and toning (rather than wasting cleanser on just removing make-up!) But this remover is amazing. It is gentle enough around the eye and strong enough to remove pretty much all of my eye make-up (I have sensitive eyes and it has never caused a problem!)
  • Bamboo Spa Treatment Face Masks – This may be a little excessive to take with me, but it is so thin and flimsy that it fits right in the side of my travel bag. It is so cooling and moisturising and will be amazing towards the end of the holiday when my tired skin needs a little more TLC! As it is a sheet mask rather than a lotion or cream, it is less messy and less hassle…perfect for travelling.
  • Clarins Eye Contour Gel – This isn’t my favourite eye cream/mask by Clarins. My absolute favourite is their skin smoothing mask (I did a full review on it here). But sadly I have run out, and until I purchase the full size (which I definitely will be doing), I will use this one. This gel is meant to reduce puffiness and dark circles, so perfect for travelling. And again it is a travel size…bonus!
  • Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector (01) – I will be speaking about this in my upcoming ‘Best of Clarins’ post, but this is slowly becoming one of my favourite products of all time. It is extremely moisturising and long lasting. My lips are a nightmare when travelling..they are always dry. So having intense hydration from a product like this is a must!
  • Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – Again, this has become one of my favourites and the fact that I have a travel size makes my life a lot easier! This product doubles up as a primer and a little ‘pick me up’ to allow my skin to look more alive in the mornings. It has Olive and Witch Hazel extracts which smooth out the skin and rejuvenates it ready for make-up application. I also use it on its own when I want a make-up free day (perfect for travelling)

& that’s it!

Keep a look out for my bodycare, hair care, make-up and clothes in this mini-series!





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