Pack with me: What’s in my travel make-up bag?

So I am not the most efficient packer when I go away! But I thought I would show you what is in my make-up bag for Madrid this week!

For someone who loves make-up, packing only the essentials is never going to happen! I like to have a choice when I go away and I would definitely sacrifice clothes over beauty products! (controversial, I know!) For me, putting make-up on is part of my outfit. So here are the products I will be taking with me for my trip:



  1. Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation – This is slowly becoming my absolute favourite full coverage foundation. It is so long lasting and will see me from day to night in Madrid. I will be doing a full review very soon.
  2. Body Shop Concealer – I use this concealer under my eyes, down my nose and on my forehead to highlight. I chose this over a liquid highlighter as it is more compact and as it is liquid I don’t have to separate it in customs! Its an amazing concealer for highlighting (rather than concealing)
  3. MAC Matchmaster concealer – I use this for my contour. If you have watched any of my previous videos and posts then you know I love using this! Perfectly compact for travelling too.
  4. Chanel Bronzing Make-up base – Probably the most impractical item to take because of its size, but I cannot be without this at the minute! For these winter months, it is perfect for giving me a glow underneath my make-up and allows me to have a smooth base ready for applying my foundation.
  5. MAC Blush (Margin) – Again, I have raved about this numerous times before. It is the perfect medium between a bronzer and a blush and really compliments my contour when I apply it!
  6. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish (Soft and gentle) – I couldn’t go away without a highlight! It is the perfect highlight for the top of my cheekbones. I love the finish it creates especially in photos…and I am planning to take a few in Madrid!
  7. Cargo Hydrabronze bronzer – This is the perfect matte bronzer. It is buildable, which is great as I can change my look from subtle to more dramatic throughout my stay with just one bronzer.



  • Real Techniques Duo Fiber Face Brush and Contour Brush
  • MAC 187 Face Brush




I won’t go into these into too much detail, but these are just my favourite colours and shades at the moment. It may seem a but excessive, but I love to have a choice! As you can see they are all MAC, just because at the minute they are the ones I have been reaching for:

MAC Lipsticks (from L to R)

  • Studded Kiss
  • Morange
  • Plastique
  • Velvet Teddy
  • Pure Zen
  • Cherish

MAC Liners (from L to R)

  • Plum
  • Morning Coffee
  • Nice N Spicy
  • Soar
  • Kiss me quick




Again, I like to have the choice when I go away. False eyelashes are a must for me, and I plan to be careful and just re-use the same ones! The eyebrow plucker is again a necessity, as well as the pencil sharpener for obvious reasons!

  • Maybelline Brow Satin Eye brow pencils – I am taking two (Blonde and Dark Brown) as these are the two I use everyday to pencil in my brows. The two together allow me to fade them in and look a bit more natural.
  • Benefits High Brow – This again is becoming one of my favourite products and I have spoken about it a lot recently, so I won’t go too much into it. Obviously its main use is for under the brows to highlight, but I often use it on my waterline and as a highlight under my eyes (obviously be careful if you do this…this is not what it’s meant for!)
  • Kiko Macara and Liner – I absolutely love this product. One of the main reasons for this is because it is so convenient! It is a mascara which has a liner in the top of it…perfect for travelling as it is compact. The actual quality of the product is also amazing.
  • MACs Cream Base (Pearl) – This is an all rounder product. You can use it as a highlight or a base. I tend to use it as an eye base, but the fact that is multi-purpose is great for taking away.
  • MAC Eyeshadows (L to R) – Coppering, Texture
  • MAC Pigments in Naked and Rose


Just because I am greedy, I am also taking a MAC palette and the above brushes!

Like I said, I am definitely not packing just the essentials, but atleast getting ready will still be fun!

Thank you for reading!








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