The Best of Clarins! My top 6 products <3

In recent weeks, I have been bombarded with Clarins goodies. From kindly receiving the advent calender from my husband to receiving gift sets from generous family and friends at Christmas, I can safely say I have tried a wide range of products from the brand!

I started off a little disappointed with Clarins when there was a manufacturing fault with my advent calendar (it was all put in upside down!) But it didn’t take long for Clarins to contact me and put the issue right. Since then, I can honestly say I have been pleasantly surprised by many of the products and completely blown away by others. A family member used to work in Clarins, so I always knew its benefits, but I would never have said that I was a loyal purchaser. But recently my opinion has definitely changed for the better. Some of their products which I have tried are up there with the best, and I will definitely be going back and repurchasing a couple of them.

I wanted to talk about the products that have really stood out to me. I would be lying if I said that absolutely every product had impressed me.  Some just don’t agree with my skin at all (such as the foaming cleanser which agitated my skin). Others are OK and I will probably use up, but I won’t necessarily repurchase (such as the body lotion and exfoliator) There is nothing offensive about them, and they do exactly what they say on the tin, but they haven’t impressed me enough to sit here and rave about them. The following however are, in my opinion, absolutely fantastic and are worth every penny (which takes a lot for me to say as Clarins is not cheap!)


  1. Beauty Flash Balm – £29.00

At £29.00 this is not cheap (at all!), but I can’t help but love it. Luckily for me, the gift sets and advent calender I received recently means I have enough of it to last me a long time. Some of you may have heard of this already as it is definitely one of Clarins best sellers. It is known as the ultimate ‘pick-me-up’ for your skin and I would definitely agree with that! It claims to brighten, moisturise and tighten (I agree with the first two, but I am not so sure about the last). For me, I love to put it on just before I apply my make-up. My skincare regime in the morning is pretty limited (I tend to just stick to a night time routine and then just wash my face in the shower in the morning), so having an additional product seems to really be benefiting my skin. Using it just before applying make-up means that I am applying foundation over a smooth surface. I also like to use it on days where I am having a no make-up day. Its extracts such as Olive and Witch Hazel just help to make your skin look a little more alive!

2. Skin Smoothing Eye Mask – £30.50

I have spoken about this at length as I dedicated a whole blog post and video to it! Click here to read more about it. Because of this, I won’t go into too much detail here. Just as a summary, it reduced puffiness and swelling under my eyes in literally less than five minutes. The difference was visible and obvious, and after one application I was hooked! It is like nothing I have ever tried before, and I will definitely be repurchasing regardless of the price. 

3. Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (£32.00) 

The smell of this oil is amazing! It smells just like your sitting in a posh spa! The Face Treatment oil is great for dehydrated skin as it locks in moisture and left my skin feeling extremely healthy, plump and soft. The product is made from pure plant extracts which is obvious when applying as it is so gentle on the skin itself. I am an extreme fan of using Face Treatment oil anyway (I currently use Dr Organics range – click here for my blogpost about it.) As the price difference is so vast (the one I currently use is around £12.50), I wouldn’t switch what I am using at the moment. But I do prefer the scent of the Clarins Oil (although the price doesn’t justify this)

4. Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector  (01)- £18.00

This has slowly become one of my holy grail products and I will without a doubt be repurchasing once I have used up the sample (which is pretty generous in size). It moisturises my lips like I have never experienced before, and the colour is a lovely light natural pink. I tend to use this before bed, so the actual lip colour itself isn’t completely necessary, but it does mean that I can use it day/night if I wanted to! It is sheer enough to wear under my lip colour if I desired also. The scent is amazing, and it always makes me feel a little extra glamorous when all my make-up is off and I am going to bed!

5. Skin Perfecting BB Cream – £30.00

Unfortunately, the shade that I have the sample in is way too dark for me, so I have been mixing this with another BB cream that I already have. The coverage itself is amazing, and it really does feel like it is doing your skin good when applying it. It has also won numerous awards (which I am not at all surprised by). As I tend to reach for the full coverage foundation, I couldn’t justify spending £30.00 on something  I would probably only wear on one or two days out of the week and on holidays. But for its category and compared to the BB creams I have tried, it definitely wins hands down. If you are a regular BB cream wearer, I would highly recommend checking this out. Its’ coverage is more like a foundation, but it still feels light like a BB cream and holds all of a BB creams benefits.

6. Clarins One step gentle exfoliating cleanser – £20.50

It takes a lot for me to be impressed by a cleanser (especially because I am a complete loyal fan of the Dr Organics range and love my current regime). But if you are a fan of cleansers which you have to wash off (rather than a lotion), you will absolutely love this. I really did feel like it was polishing my skin and left it glowing and healthy. It would be great to use on days where my skin is looking dull or tired (I unfortunately only have a small sample which I have already used up!). It contains orange extract which softens, refreshes and revives your skin also. It does have an exfoliating scrub within it, but it is extremely fine and gentle on the skin, and it didn’t irritate it in the slightest. 

So they are my top six Clarins products. The brand itself is incredible…it has lotions, creams and potions which I didn’t even know were needed! I did feel quite overwhelmed with the range of products claiming to do all different things at first, but once I had tried and tested them, I definitely sound some obvious winners.

Thanks for reading!





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