Pack with me! What’s in my travel bag? Hair care and body care

If you are new to this blog and like these type of posts, then check out my previous one first talking all about my travel skincare!

This post is going to talk all about what I will be taking with me for bodycare and also hair care!


Body care


So the obvious goes without saying (shavers, feminine hygiene, cotton buds etc), but in terms of other bodycare, I like to keep it quite simple. As long as I have a good body wash and lotion, then I am pretty happy! I am taking Lush Snow Fairy for my shower gel (my absolute favourite of all time…how can it not be?!) I am also taking a travel size Santuary Body lotion (white lily and damask rose) which came in a pack I was given as a gift. Its scent is amazing and the moisturiser is quite light, which is exactly what I want for a short city break. If I was going on a long summer holiday, I would probably take something a little more intense which was more useful to pack in moisture, but something like this is perfect for what I need. 

I also won’t go anywhere without my body brush. I am thinking of doing a whole post on this, because it is my number one tool for reducing cellulite and revitalising my skin. I use this every day and I certainly won’t be stopping just because I am on holiday!

Hair Care


I am not very experimental when it comes to hair care, and I tend to just stick to what I am used to. The obvious things will be coming with me which arent shown here (brushes, hairdryer and straightener)

The one thing I couldn’t be without is the Bed Head Motor Mouth. It is a volumizer with gloss which I add to my hair before blow drying it. I absolutely love it, but since the bottle is so large, I have just depotted it into a small travel size moisturiser which I have already used up. I have done the same with my shampoo and conditioner. Again, like my skincare, I like to stick to what I know works for me. I love Bed Head’s Dumb Blonde range, but the bottles are huge! So I will be filling these empty travel size shampoo and conditioner up which I kept from my previous break.

Another must for me is some sort of hair treatment. I am not loyal to any range, but it just so happened that this one was small enough to fit into my travel bag. It is Argan Oil Hair Treatment. My hair can get extremely dry on the ends with travel (which is so weird because I don’t suffer with this usually), so some sort of treatment is extremely helpful. My roots can get quite greasy, so I will be applying this to my ends only!

My hair clip for sectioning is a must! I use this everyday when blow drying my hair, so it has to come with me. The wide comb is also something I use on a daily basis. I use it in the shower to brush through my hair when I have conditioner in it. It has helped so much with the condition of my hair and again it is something I cannot be without!

So that’s it! Keep an eye out for my travel make-up!

Thanks for reading!




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