Weekly Meal Plan & recipes (#2)

So here is my meal plan for this week! This is my second meal plan on my website. Click here to see the first one.

Like I did on my previous post, you will find my meals for the week, plus links to the recipes I follow to create them. As you will see, most of my lunches are soups. This is because I am still obsessed with my soup maker which I talked about in my previous meal post. It just makes work lunches so easy to prepare, and one recipe can last me 2/3 days or I can freeze it if I want to!

Healthy Snacks

My meal plan below doesn’t include my snacks as I change these daily depending on what I feel like. The main ones I tend to reach for throughout the week are:

  • Low fat yoghurt w/frozen fruit – This is the best snack ever and is so filling! I love any of the Yeo Valley yoghurts and I mix in frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is so much cheaper than fresh, and therefore it makes snacks like this very affordable.
  • Fruit – I wish I loved more fruit than I do, but I tend to reach for bananas and oranges usually!
  • Naked Fruit bars – I think these are something you either love or hate, but I love all of the flavours! They are 100% fruit, but you feel like you’re eating something unhealthy (which makes it taste even better)
  • Trek Bars – I can’t get enough of these either! They are made up of fruit, gluten free oats and nuts and contain 10g of protein, so perfect when I am training.

So here is my meal plan:



  • Sweet Chia Pudding – Click here for recipe
  • Potato and Leek Soup – Click here for recipe
  • Greek Style Roasted Fish – Click here for recipe (I used Hake and put it in the slow cooker!)
  • Spinach and Sweet Potato Tortillas – Click here for recipe
  • Mushroom Soup – Click here for recipe
  • Cajun Prawns – Click here for recipe
  • Cajun Chicken with Black Eyed Bean Salad – Click here for recipe

So that’s it!

I hope this meal plan inspired you!




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