My 2016 workout routine: an overview

My previous workout regime (which you can in my fitness section here) focused mainly on weight lifting with very little or zero cardio. The reason for this was explained here. In a nutshell, I basically spent a good four weeks building the necessary muscle to create a lean toned frame. If I was to add the cardio from the outset, my body would have been using too many of the calories for the fuel it needed. Just incorporating weight lifting meant I was allowing my body to use all the calories it needs to muscle build.

So now that I have focused mainly on weights and I feel like my physique has changed, I have now decided to introduce cardio. I will still be incorporating weight lifting, but will also be adding cardio to help strip the body fat on top of the muscle definition I have been working on. To do this, I have loosely based my plan around what Craig Capurso uses when preparing for a show (find it here). I am not training for a show, so obviously I have changed this program to suit my needs and what I want (basically I have made it less intense!) I have been following the program I am about to show you for two weeks so far, and I absolutely love the exercises it contains and the way the cardio is set out.

So my guilty confession is that usually I absolutely hate cardio…or atleast I thought I did! Weight lifting to me is so much more interesting and switching it up on every visit to the gym meant that I never got bored. But now that I have basically forced myself to incorporate cardio in every session, I have suprised myself and I am actually starting to quite enjoy it!

So here is what I am following at the moment. The plan below is what I will be following for the next few weeks. After that, I will probably switch the tabata rounds up (explained below), as well as the cardio sessions. My weight lifting exercises change on a regular baiss anyway. As long as I am hitting the body part I am aiming to train, then I am quite lenient! As I have said before, I am no expert and I am definitely not professionally trained in fitness in any way.  So if you are going to take inspiration from this plan please know that this is what I use for ME and only you will know what will work for you. I love nosing at other people’s fitness routines, so if you feel the same then please read on! 🙂

I couldn’t think of anything worse than going to the gym to complete a brutal 45 to 60 minute session of cardio, so by chopping it up into smaller segments and completing it on every session instead makes me more likely to complete it.

I have been going to the gym 5 times per week and here is the way I have been splitting it:




25 minutes of steady cardio – Bike

1 round of tabata (see below)– Skipping







25 minutes of steady cardio – incline walk on running machine

1 round of tabata (see below) – High knees                        







25 minutes of steady cardio – cross trainer

1 round of tabata (see below) – Abs



Arms and abs











25 minutes of steady cardio – steady jog on running machine

1 round of tabata (see below) – Skipping




Legs and calves





25 minutes of steady cardio – medium intensity row for 10 minutes, cross trainer for 15 minutes

1 round of tabata (see below) – Treadmill Sprint













I picked this up from Craig Carpurso’s exercise regime, and it basically is 8 rounds (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) of the same exercise. I complete this just before I am going to hit my steady cardio. You don’t have to follow the specific exercises I used for tabata and throughout the next few weeks, I will probably switch it up also. For example as well as the ones mentioned above, you could also try burpees (if your brave!), jump lunges, jump squats, mountain climbers, box jumps and any others you can think of! On the day that I train abs, I use ab workouts instead. Therefore, I may add bicycle crunches, leg raises and mountain climbers (using the same 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off format).


For the cardio, I stick to steady, medium/low intensity cardio. After completing the weight training and the tabata rounds, I am already pretty tired, so high intensity cardio would not be an option here for me! I am not loyal to either low or high intensity cardio, but performing low intensity cardio does mean that the majority of the calories you burn come from fat, rather than other sources.

So my next few post will be demonstrating the type of exercises I add to these workouts and will go into my regime in a little more detail!

I hope this post inspires you to either get started or carry on the good work!

Thanks for reading!




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