The best of higher and lower end products – Face

There are so many great products which are worth splashing out for, but there are also some hidden gems that you can pick up for great, affordable prices! I wanted to show you my favourite picks of both the higher and lower end range. I have mentioned most of these products before because I reach for them time and time again! So here they are…



I am like a broken record with both of these products, but I seriously cannot rave about them enough!


L to R: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, Seventeen Stay Time Foundation

The first obvious difference is the price range; at £30.00, Estee Lauder Double Wear is not cheap and at £5.99, Seventeen Stay time is an absolute steal.  Both of these are heavy, full coverage foundations. If you like the ‘no make-up’ make-up look, or if you prefer a lighter feel on your face, I really doubt you would get on with either of these (espcially Seventeen’s foundation!). Both of these are great foundations and both have amazing staying power. For £24.00 more, Estee Lauder does provide an easier formula to work with and is much easier to blend on the skin.  The finish provided by Seventeen’s foundation is extremely matte, whereas Estee Lauder is a little more dewy, but still provides a semi-matte finish. Regardless of their differences, they are both two of my favourite foundations I have ever tried!



L to R: MAC Mineralize Concealer (NC25), Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover Concealer (Light)

At the moment, these are my absolute favourite concealers and I reach for them both equally as much. At £17.50, this MAC concealer is not cheap, but I absolutely love how light it is on my skin. It contains ingredients to nourish and moisturise the skin and is so easy to blend. Maybelline’s concealer is equally as great. It contains ingredients to reduce puffiness and under eye circles and again is very blendable on the skin. It also has a sponge applicator, which I usually dislike, but it is a great shape to reach the delicate under eye area without pulling on the skin too much. I use them both for mainly under the eye area to brighten. However, when I am doing a full contour, I also use them down my nose and in the centre of my forehead, and they both work great to create a subtle highlight. Ironically, I don’t tend to use any to actually ‘conceal’ blemishes. My foundation is usually full coverage enough to hide skin imperfections without the additional use of concealer.


L to R: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish (Medium Tan), Revlon Photo Ready Powder (Medium Deep)

I am in love with both of these powders at the moment. I never really experiment a lot with a powder. For me, a powder is a powder and the only thing I really look for is that it is finely milled enough to not ‘sit’ on my skin. Both of these are amazing for that and they do really help to mattify my foundation after application. I have had the Revlon powder for so long, but I keep remembering how much I love it once I start to use it again! I think the packaging has changed since I purchased it, but it is still available. At £24.00 (MAC), compared to £11.29 (Revlon), the MAC powder is considerably more expensive. I am not sure whether I would go out and re-purchase the MAC powder, only because I think the Revlon is on par with it. But at the moment, they are both definitely my absolute favourites!


I own so many of these at the moment it is ridiculous! I am trying to get through them as much as I can and change it up every so often. But I can’t help myself and usually reach for pretty much the same products.

Kat Von D – Shade & Light Palette


At 45 Euros (I purchased it in Madrid), this palette isn’t cheap. But after having it for about a month now, I have absolutely fallen in love with it and it is worth a mention on its own! I would without a doubt re-purchase this palette time and time again. It is the BEST contouring palette I have ever used. I have pretty much used it every day since I purchased it and although I am going to mention some lower end products which are great, this still takes the crown without a doubt. The three highlight shades and the bronzing powders have a large enough colour range to suit most skin tones. I usually reach for the middle shades. The highlight powder in the middle gives that ‘white’ highlight and leaves a great finish, and the bronzing powders are so matte that they can give the most amazing contour. I cannot rave about this product enough! If you have chance to get your hands on it, buy it! You will not be disappointed.


w7 Banana Dreams 

If you have been following my blog for a while, you would have seen me speak about this on numerous occasions! This loose powder is meant to be a dupe for Ben Nye’s Banana Powder (although I am yet to try it). I absolutely love the highlight this gives on my skin, and for a couple of quid it is an absolute steal if you can get your hands on it!

Seventeen’s Define and Conquer Contour Kit

I have had this palette for so long, and I have used it a crazy amount (as you can see by the photo above!) The palette itself is only £5.99, and the bronzing powder in the palette is as impressive as some higher end bronzers I have used. The shade and the finish reminds me very much of Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer. The lighter shade in the palette is meant to be used to ‘illuminate’ the face, although I usually use it for a finish powder before applying the bronzer as it is not dramatic enough for the highlight I usually like. Both powders are extremely matte, which is perfect for contouring (shimmery powders are no use for contouring and would completely defeat the object of the palette!) Overall, an amazing palette for the price.


So that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed this post!




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