An insight into my make-up room; and my most loved products!

Since my passion for make-up has grown, so has my collection!

Most of the newest products that are in my collection have featured in a blog either as a review or as a haul, but I wanted to round up the products from each category that I feel should have an honourable mention, whether they are new to my collection or golden oldies! None of the products featured are going to be reviewed in detail (as otherwise we will be here all day!) but if you do want more of an in depth review on anything featured or shown, then please let me know and I will be sure to do it for you!

I want to stress that I do genuinely use all of the products in my collection. Whether that is on myself or on my clients, every product sees the light of day! I am not a natural hoarder, so although my collection is pretty big now, everything you see here has a reason for being here. It may be that some of the products have flaws or disappointed me in some way after purchase, but unless I can see past any drawbacks and feel like I am going to use them in some way, then they won’t sit in my collection. 

The products I have chosen to feature as honourable mentions are the ones which I either reach for the most, are great value for money or have impressed me greatly….so let’s get started!


There are two main storage spaces to my make-up collection; the two top left drawers (shown in the picture), and the white Malm desk on the right. The white dressing table is from Ikea. Although it looks pretty, the storage space inside is awful, and the drawer is only designed to come out halfway! So bear this in mind if you are thinking about purchasing it.

Bases & Foundations


The drawer shown here holds all of my bases and foundations. This is definitely my favourite category and I love purchasing new items to try (as you can see here!) Also, as I work on clients, I do need to have a range of colours, shades and finishes.

Honourable mentions:

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – I have spoken about this so many times. Luxurious, long lasting and full coverage. An amazing ‘all rounder’ foundation
  • Seventeen Stay Time Foundation – Again, I have raved about this numerous times. At around £6.00, it is extremely affordable. Complete full coverage and extremely long lasting (but very difficult to work with as it is so thick, so bare that in mind)
  • Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation – Another full coverage, matte foundation (read my review of it here)
  • Chanel Bronzing Make-up base – Absolutely amazing make-up base if you want to deepen your skin by a few shades before adding your make-up. Perfect if you fake tan your body, but not your face.
  • Revlon Photo Ready Skin Lights Illuminating Base – Amazing for a perfect glow under your make-up (but no use as a primer)
  • Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm  – Yes, sounds strange! But it contains glycerine in it which helps allow your make-up to ‘stick’
  • Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm – Fabulous if you want to have a ‘smooth’ surface to begin with. Smooths out lines, brightens and is a great base for any age. See here for my review.

Highlighters, contour sticks and concealers


If you read my blog regularly, you will know I am a huge contouring and highlighting fan. (See here for my blogpost on contouring and highlighting). Here I store all of my products which I use to conceal any blemishes and highlight or contour using cream based products (sorry for the fingerprints all over the packaging…they are well used!)

Honourable mentions:


  • MAC’s Matchmaster concealer 8.0 – the concealer I use the majority of time for my contour. Its shape and size makes it easy to guide into the right areas and its creamy texture makes it easy to blend.
  • Maybelline’s Protect and cover concealer (Light) – An amazing concealer which I use a lot of the time for highlighting in my routine. It has a great sponge applicator attached to the product which makes it easy to reach the under eye area without feeling uncomfortable on application.
  • New Look’s Pure Colour Foundation and Contour Stick (01) – My new favourite! It has a very creamy formula and it is the perfect colour highlight for my skin tone.
  • MAC’s Mineralize Concealer (NC25) – An absolute perfect concealer for days where I feel like a lighter coverage. It has grown on me so much since I first purchased it, and I have been reaching for it an awful lot recently!

Bronzers, Highlighters, blushers and setting powders

I tend to reach for the same products time and time again in this category, so you probably have heard me speak about these before! 

Honourable Mentions:


  • Makeup Revolution’s Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit (01) – Pretty new to my collection, but it has impressed me so far! Very pigmented, extremely compact and in my opinion, ranks higher than many of my higher end products.
  • Stila’s Set and Illuminate Baked Powder Trio – A very finely milled (which is what I love) illuminator. Perfect for a subtle glow!
  • MAC’s Cream Colour Base (Pearl) – Again, amazing for a subtle glow and literally lasts a life time. It is multi-purpose, so can be used for eyes, lips or base (which is what I use it for!)
  • MAC’s Blush (Margin) – I am not a huge fan of blush, so this colour is the perfect shade for me as it has more of a golden undertone and is between a contour shade and a blush.
  • MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish (Medium Tan) – My absolute go-to setting powder! Enough said!


This area of my make-up has definitely expanded the quickest over the past couple of months. I have been experimenting with new colours, shades and textures. 


Honourable mentions:


  • Loreal’s La Palette Nude (Rose) – I love adore this, mainly because of how beautiful the colours are in it. They are all very pigmented, and the size of the product itself means it is compact and easy to pop into a travel make-up bag
  • Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette – An amazing, pigmented palette. It has a great range of colours and definitely lives up to its reviews and raves! It also came with a brush, which has quickly become one of my favourites as it is dual ended and great quality.
  • MAC’s Palette (Colours pre-set when bought) – I have included this because it is definitely the palette I reach for the most. However, I usually only reach for the right hand side of the palette. The lighter shades have an extremely poor colour pay-off. Definitely try MAC eyeshadow shades before you buy, as their quality ranges immensely.
  • Maybelline’s Colour 24HR Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows – Absolutely incredible eye bases. In my opinion, they are better than MAC paintpots, extremely pigmented and very creamy. Be careful however, as some have dried out on me (so double check they are fully sealed when you store them.)


Everybody loves having a choice of lip colours right?! I am a big big fan of using lip liners to fill in my lips and then topping with lipstick. This is by far in my opinion, the best way to make the colour last.

Honourable Mentions:


  • MAC Lip Liner (Soar) -All MAC lip liners I have tried have impressed me. They are all very pigmented and long lasting. However, I do prefer the basic pencils rather than the Pro Longwear liners. They are less creamy, but I think that they stay put a lot longer because of this!
  • MAC Lipstick (Pure Zen) – An amazing, neutral shade. I love popping this in my handbag as it is the type of colour that I do not need to have a mirror to apply.
  • New Look’s Pure Colour Lipstick (Sweet Rose) – These New Look lipsticks are slowly becoming some of my favourites! They have an amazing creamy texture, and look great over the top of a liner. They are also very moisturising and feel very luxurious on the lips.
  • Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector – I have spoken about this before here. It is the best balm type lip product I have ever used! It has a lovely scent, a great neutral colour and feels amazing on the lips. This will be great in the summer months.

& that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into my make-up collection!

Thanks for reading!




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