Younique Products: My thoughts

Hey guys!

I am back today with a review of some recent products I have tried from the Younique brand.


Younique in itself is a completely new make-up range to me…I have heard of it plenty of times, but I have never ventured into purchasing anything from the brand. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Younique, it is a high end brand which claims to use only good quality ingredients in all its products which enrich and nourish the skin. Because of this, Younique claims to be suitable for ‘virtually every skin type’. Its range contains everything you need for your eyes, lips, face, skin and the tools to apply all of your new swanky products with.

To get your hands on any of the products, you can either order online or through your local Younique presenter. Like I said above, I would class Younique as a high end brand, and the prices correspond with this! I think that has been the one thing which has always discouraged me to order; you are paying a lot for something which you can’t physically hold or see before you purchase. But luckily for me, my local Younique presenter (Gemma Johnson), contacted me and asked if she could send me out some samples to test…and of course I said yes! So I wanted to blog about my first impressions of all of the products I have tried. I thought it would be helpful to have an independent review before you splash the cash. Although it goes without saying, what you are about to read is my complete honest opinion of what I have tested!

1. Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation – £30.00 (20ml)

This foundation comes in a range of colours (10 to be exact!) Purchasing a foundation online is always daunting…how are you meant to know the right shade for you through a screen? This is where your Younique Presenter comes in! I sent a photo of my face with no make-up on (I know, scary!) to Gemma and she sent me her recommendation on what colour I should go for. The shade I opted for was Velour…and it matches me absolutely perfectly! The foundation shades differ for various undertones (yellow, pink, neutral etc) so there is genuinely a shade for everyone. 


What does the foundation claim to do?


When I started to apply the foundation, the only thing I can compare the feel to is the feeling of Airbase Foundation (the method of spraying the foundation on using a spray gun). Like Airbase, it is extremely lightweight, so lightweight in fact that you don’t even feel like your wearing foundation. The texture is still creamy, although it dries to almost a powdery finish on application. I would definitely agree with it being buildable, although I would say that you can build it to a full coverage (rather than a medium coverage) with no problem at all. 



Excuse the dry lips, but the images above show my skin before (left) and after (right) applying the foundation. The bottom image in particular shows how easy it covered blemishes. I left this foundation on all day and it stood the test of time (apart from on the bottom chin area where I had to top up a little). It definitely has a thumbs up from me!

Any downsides?

The only downside of the foundation for me is the price. I am more than willing to pay £30.00 for a great foundation, but paying £30.00 for a 20ml bottle is, even for me, a little excessive. But with that said, I do honestly think it is worth the money.

2. Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer – £23.00 (10ml)

Gemma recommended sending me samples of the concealer in a much lighter (Scarlett) and much darker (Velvet) shade than my natural skintone so I could use it for my cream contour. Out of all of the products that I tested, this is probably the product I was most impressed with. As you would expect, it is a lot thicker than the foundation, but its satin finish stopped it from looking cakey, even when I applied it over the foundation as a highlight and contour. Below shows me applying Scarlett as my highlight:


As you can see, the formula is very creamy and the perfect colour for me for a highlight. It was also pretty easy to blend out.


As with any cream based product, it had to be set with powder to reduce the shine, but I was extremely impressed with the formula, consistency and finish. The photo above also shows the darker concealer blended out to create a natural contour…love! As well as this, its good to note that a little did go a long way, which you would need for the hefty £23.00 price tag.

3. Beachfront Bronzer – £25.00


This bronzer comes in three shades  (Sunset, Malibu and Hermosa). Gemma kindly sent me a sample of all three.


What does it claim to be?

Younique claims that the Beachfront Bronzer is a ‘half matte and half shimmer’ formula that ‘gives you a golden glow.’ It is also made with safflower, ginseng, aloe and ginkgo, so is packed full of goodness. It definitely did what it claimed to do… it give a perfect golden glow which was so so pretty on the skin! Obviously due to its shimmer, it is no good as a contouring bronzer (which I tend to use), but it was so refreshing using something a bit different. I swept it over my cheeks (using the classic number 3 motion), and it really did impress me. I used the shade Malibu, but the others were equally as great.


The image above doesn’t really show the shimmery glow that the bronzer gives, but I can assure you it does!

Any downfalls?

Because of the shimmer element, you are paying quite a lot for something that isn’t very versatile. What I mean by that is you wouldn’t be able to use this within your highlight and contour routine, and only if you want a bronzed shimmery finish. Having said that, it is also good enough to use on its own in the summer, if you just want a glow over foundation or on its own.

3. Moodstruck Minerals Pressed Blusher – £23.00


What does it claim to do?

The blusher claims to ‘brighten your face and last all day’..again both I agree with! It definitely stood the test of time, and the colours are beautiful and bright. I am not usually a blusher fan, but I actually really enjoyed using these. Gemma sent me a sample of all the colours (there are 5 shades). These are shown below:

I applied the colour ‘Scandalous’ first (bottom left in the right photo), but then became a little adventurous and used ‘Sophisticated’ instead (top right in the right photo). I absolutely loved the finish, and the colour was very subtle but buildable, perfect for me as I have tend to have a heavy hand!

Any downfalls?

None at all for this one, very impressed!

4. Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder (Curious) – £10.00 (or 4 for £35.00)

What does it claim to be?

As its primary use is an eyeshadow, it claims to be made of ‘finely milled minerals, amino acids, and vitamins’. it can be applied wet for a dramatic pop of colour or dry for a softer, blended look. 

I used it as highlighter for my face, rather than an eyeshadow, and it worked absolutely perfectly! Because it is so finely milled as it claims, it just gave a really subtle glow just under my eye and on my brow bone. It contained no large chunks of glitter (a massive pet hate of mine for so many face highlighters!) and blended amazingly. At  £10.00, I honestly would say this is an absolute steal!



You can’t really see the glow very well here, but it is honestly one of the best highlighters I have ever used.

Any downfalls?

Because it is a loose pigment, naturally the formula means it is pretty messy to use! Also, because its main use is an eyeshadow, the product size and shape is not face brush friendly!

5. Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders (as above) – £10.00 (or 4 for £35.00)


Just like the one above which I used for highlight, Gemma also sent me a sample of the above four shades. I used all of these on my lids to create a subtle eye look. I was impressed by the pigmentation and the finish, although I really preferred using the pigment as a highlight. I am not a huge fan of loose pigments, mainly because I am lazy and I find them too much work! But if I find one I love (like I did with Curious above), then I am willing to work with it! But if you are a fan of loose pigments, then these are up there with some of the best I have tried. They also have a serious range of colours, so there should be a shade to suit everyone. Once applied to your brush, spray them with water before applying to your skin to get the best colour pay off.


6. Splurge Cream Eyeshadow (Dainty) – £21.00

Out of everything I sampled, this was the only product that I just didn’t get along with. The actual colour was extremely shimmery (you can see it through the shadow above). If I am going to use a cream eyeshadow, I usually use it for a base before applying eyeshadow. Because of this, I want it to be matte, or contain a small amount of shimmer at the very most. However, the consistency itself was beautiful and didn’t crease on my lids. I did find it pretty hard to blend, but if you are willing to work with it, the finish itself is lovely. If you like just a splash of colour, then these may be for you as you can literally apply it with your finger all over your lid and add some mascara for a polished look. I don’t want to give the impression that it is a poor product because it is not; it just isn’t something I would particularly choose for myself.


7. Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain (Sultry) – £18.00


This lip stain comes in 7 shades:


What does it claim to do?

A stubborn lip colour that won’t budge while delivering perfectly tinted, long lasting colour with a smooth, matte finish. I was very impressed with this product! It does exactly what it says on the tin; tints the lips and provides a colour which literally lasts all day.


The colour was also perfect for me; a deep red, which was buildable and darkened with every application. 

Any downfalls?

The only thing I would mention here (and its not the product’s fault!) is that with any lip stain, you have to make sure that your lips are completely smooth before applying. Otherwise, it’ll stick to any dry areas. This was the mistake I made here and as you can see from the above image, some of the areas look darker than others on my lips…but like I said a little bit of extra work beforehand and this could have easily been rectified!

So that’s it! If you want to get your hands on any of the products shown above, then you can do so by going through Gemma, the same way I did! You can either purchase directly from her website (click here to be redirected to it) or alternatively you can join her Facebook group, where she posts regular offers and you can order directly through her. (click here to be redirected to her Facebook page). She is so friendly, helpful and completely knowledgeable about all of the products…so it is definitely worth speaking to her!

I hope you enjoyed this post!




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