Workout: Building a butt (& a quick update)

The past few weeks I have hit a bit of a wall with training. I have been going regularly as usual (5 times a week), but I just felt like my routine was so repetitive and that my body shape just wasn’t changing. Don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy with my shape, but there are some big changes I want to make to it (drop my body fat, build my shoulders, bum and trim my waist.) My ideal shape is a strong, lean, feminine body which still has curves but also muscle. Jamie Eason has my ideal shape…if you haven’t seen her, here she is!

I understand that this isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it is definitely my ideal shape! 

Over the past few weeks, I have definitely changed my food choices for the better. One of my good friends Tom (who came 1st in the Miami Pro European Championships) has been helping me out with macros and nutrition and it has helped immensely. But I still feel like I have come to a halt with my training. Sometimes I go through the process of a programme, following it step by step, regardless of whether it means that I feel a burn at the end of it.

So to get out of the rut that I have managed to get myself into, I am back training with a vengeance. My goal is to lift heavier, train harder and not leave that gym until I have completely felt like I have given it 110%.  I am switching it up and incorporating failure sets more into my routine, more ab work (something that I am good at forgetting about!) and adding fewer reps with heavier weights to start building muscles and creating curves.

One of the main places where I want to build on is definitely my butt! There is nothing sexier than a curved, toned bum and so this is what I hit it off with today. I also finished with a little ab circuit (I am going to incorporate abs every other day). With abs, I hate working them so much that I feel an intense soreness the next day. When I do this it does nothing but make me feel extremely bloated and uncomfortable, so my new method is ‘little and often’ to tone them as much as I can.

So here is today’s workout!


Barbell Squats 1 x warm up set (20kg)

6 x 8  reps (50kg) – My goal here is to build up this weight. I was working out on my own today, and wanted to test the waters with the weights (I usually use a sandbag and very rarely hit the squat rack) – My back really needs strengthening to hold a heavier weight – but next time my husband is with me to spot me I am going to push harder to see what I am capable of!

Leg Press  

4 x 8-10 reps (170 kg) – Naturally, I can go heavier on the leg press. Typically, performing these after my squats meant I couldn’t go as heavy as I wanted to!


Weighted Bridge 3 x 10-15 reps (25kg sandbag)
Leg extension 3 x 10-15 reps
Goblet Squats 2 x 10-15 reps, 1 rep until failure (15 kg plate) – I used a lighter weight for this, with the goal of exhausting my muscles to failure
Bodyweight squats 1 x failure set – Just to finish off!
Circuit of:

Plank (30 seconds), Weighted Russian twists, Crunches

I completed this circuit three times, not resting between exercises, but allowing myself 40-60 reps between each circuit.

For examples of any of the exercises, visit…they literally have a video demonstration on every exercise out there!

I hope this was helpful! See you soon for my next workout!




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