Haul!: No7, Loreal & Dr Organic

I am back with a small haul of a few things I have picked up over the past week or so! So let’s get straight into it!…



I have never in my life purchased a lip palette before. I have always seen this as a little pointless…something you receive in a make-up kit at Christmas or as a freebie. I usually reach for single shades. But it was something about these palettes which intrigued me. I love to take a range of lip colours with me when I go away on holiday or even for a weekend away, and this seemed like the perfect solution to my ‘over packing’ problem!

Each palette comes with six different shades. I picked up both palettes and the only two options that they currently have on the market:


Left: Nude, Right: Red

The main reasons I have always steered away from lip palettes are because of the lack of pigmentation and hassle of applying them. With regards to the pigmentation and finish, these have changed my opinion. The consistency across the palette is very creamy and moisturising, but they still hold their true colour shown in the palette when applied. Of course, they are not as easy as a lipstick when applying, and it does take two or three applications to build the colour up. But it definitely has the ability to be built up to match the shade it shows in the packaging. Alternatively, one coat of any colour is enough to just give you a gloss with a hint of colour. I would recommend using a lip applicator to apply any of the shades for precision. There is an applicator in the packaging, although I would steer towards a thinner, more concentrated brush, especially to apply the red shades.

So all in all these have been a big hit for me. Red and nude are the two colour ranges I tend to always reach for, so these are perfect for me. The packaging is also lovely – a beautiful golden case with a mirror intact, which does (but shouldn’t!) make me love them even more.



So what does every girl need to go with the above purchase of two lip palettes? Another lipstick of course! In all seriousness, I have been looking everywhere for the perfect nude. I love the nudes I have in my collection, but I really wanted an easy to wear, natural shade that I could throw into my handbag and wear everyday for work. I didn’t want a matte shade, or something so pigmented that meant I needed a mirror to apply. & I think I have finally found the perfect lipstick that fits the brief (hallelujah!) 

Loreal currently has a limited edition out with all different nudes linked to different Loreal spokespersons.  All of the range is beautiful, but this one definitely caught my eye the most. I have been filling my lips in with a darker lip liner in the morning, and then just topping up the pigmentation and moisture by applying this throughout the day. 



This is a repurchase and I am not going to go into it too much as I have spoken it about it at length before (click here for my post on my skincare routine). It still remains my absolute favourite cleanser of all time. It is kind to my skin, leaves it feeling moisturised, healthy and plump. I absolutely love it, and I think the only time I will ever change it is if I feel my skin gets too ‘used’ to it and no longer responds to it as actively as it does now.



This is probably my favourite recent purchase. I have tried this foundation before and when I used to use it I absolutely loved it. I re-purchased it a few times, and then moved on to other foundations and genuinely just forgot it existed! When I was reminded of it again, I couldn’t help myself. The formula has changed since I used it last and I believe the packaging has a little too. It isn’t as drying as it used to be, and leaves a velvety finish, but keeps the skin matte at the same time.


I would say it is a  medium to full coverage. I like to look like I am wearing make-up, and I feel completely satisfied with just two pumps of it on each application. I have fallen in love with it all over again, and it has quickly become my absolute favourite every day foundation. I have tried others from N07 and have never been blown away by them, but this one is on a different level to the rest! In comparison to higher end foundations, I would say it has a coverage which is a tiny bit lighter than MAC’s Studio Sculpt. In comparison to lower end foundations, it reminds me a lot of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in terms of coverage (not finish!).

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this small haul!




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