I love nothing more than a bargain, especially when it comes to beauty products.

I picked up a few products from the Essence Cosmetics range recently. You can pick these up at your nearest Wilkinsons store (yes..Wilkinsons!) I had heard some good things about some of the products in the range, so I wanted to try them out for myself. And of course, in true beauty blogger style, it was impossible for me to go in and pick only one thing up, so I ended up with the following:



The first thing I picked up was the Essence Stay All Day 16HR Long Lasting Foundation. At £3.80 for 30ml, I was basically praying I was going to fall in love with it. It has happened before (Seventeen Stay Time foundation), so I was hoping it would happen again!


I picked up the shade ‘Soft Sand – 30’. I can’t recall there being many shades to choose from, a problem I tend to find with many inexpensive foundations. There were testers out, and soft sand seemed to be the closes to my skin colour…god was I wrong! The biggest downfall of this foundation is its orange undertone. After purchasing it, I also read others saying the same thing, so I only can assume the same can be said for the other shades in the range. I had to do a hell of a lot of blending down my neck and around my ears for it to look remotely acceptable to wear! 


The foundation claims to be ‘long lasting’, ‘light weight’ and ‘lasts all day’.  The finish is definitely matte, so if you don’t tend to go for matte finishes in foundations then I would advise you to stay away from this. For those of you with oily skin, this may work well for you. The coverage is medium to full and it covered any imperfections on the skin with ease. It also definitely stood the test of time and lasted the duration of the day when I applied it.


All in all, the formula was great, but the colour match just wasn’t for me. For a couple of quid more, I think I would still purchase Seventeen’s Stay Time Foundation over this one.


I then picked up the shading powder. This compact includes both a highlighter and a bronzer.


I believe this comes in two shades; 01 & 02. I chose 02 (Medium) because I like quite a dramatic contour. Like all of the range, it is so affordable at £3.00. 


The colour of the bronzer is perfect for a contour. It is completely matte and very pigmented, but still buildable. I would reach for this over many of the high end bronzers I has really impressed me! The highlighter is also lovely. It provides more of a ‘sheen’ rather than a obvious highlight, and it doesn’t have any large chunks of glitter like you sometimes find in lower end highlighters. It is subtle enough to be used all under the eye area to brighten it up.

The only downfall for me is the design of the product. It is quite difficult to apply the bronzer/highlighter onto your brush without also brushing over the other side too. 



I picked up two items for my lips; a liner and a lipstick. The lip Liner I picked up was in the Shade Satin Mauve (£1.00) and the Essense Lip stick was in the shade Barely There (£2.30). These are the products which probably impressed me the most. The colours both compliment each other beautifully.



The liner is very pigmented, and reasonably creamy when applying. It isn’t the creamiest formula I have ever tried,  but it is manageable and the colour I picked was me all over! The lipstick formula is absolutely beautiful; it is extremely creamy and applies on the lips like a dream! It does boast that it is long lasting, and when I first applied this I wasn’t so sure whether this would be the case because of its soft texture. However, it stood the test of time, and I only had to top it up after a few hours. I did apply the liner all of my lips underneath, so this would have definitely helped also. I will most certainly be going back to purchase some more of these lipsticks and liners. They are an absolutel steal!



There were a few eyeshadow palettes to choose from (Nudes, Bronze, Greys and Roses). At £4.00 each for a palette with 8 eyeshadows in, I have absolutely no idea why I didn’t pick up more! I went for the Roses palette which had absolutely beautiful neutral and rose shades in it.



The pigmentation and formula of each of the colours is amazing. They are not chalky in the slightest and the colour pay off is very true to the colour in the palette.

The only downfall of the product design is that the colours are raised and are not separated physically by the packaging. Because of this, they are easily mixed up with each other when applying it on the brush (the same way as the shading powder). The eyeshadows are a little powdery also, so you do have to be careful when applying!




I picked up the nail polish in ‘dare it nude’. It is a gel effect nail polish (so no UV light required) and is quite thick, so you can get away with one coat. I absolutely love the colour, and it hasn’t chipped at all since I applied it (two days ago).

Again, the only downfall of the product is the packaging design. The applicator is very thick, and the polish gets all over the brush and the stick of the brush, which can be quite messy and difficult to apply! But for £1.60 and a beautiful finish, I am willing to put up with the poor packaging!


At such affordable prices, you really can’t expect the formula, the finish and the packaging to be great. With all of the Essence products I tried, the drawback was the packaging, which is great as long as what is in it is good! As long as you are willing to work with the products and have a little patience, then some of the products are fantastic. My absolute favourites are the lipstick and the shading powder…two that I would definitely consider re-purchasing.

& that’s it!

I hope this was helpful!




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