Haul & A Little Review: Makeup Geek & Mario Badescu


I have wanted to get my hands on some Makeup Geek eye shadows for sooo long, but I have never got around to doing it! I think I like the idea of going into a shop and picking the colours I like, rather than relying on photos online & unfortunately, with Makeup Geek it has to be an online order. 

But after reading some positive reviews on them again, I went for it. I picked the colours which I knew I would love and that were also favourites of other bloggers.. & I must admit, I have not been disappointed.

The pigmentation on these shadows is absolutely amazing. The colour is very true to what you see in the pan, and the finish transfers beautifully onto the lid. I cannot wait to fill up my palette with more! (Cue the impulsive purchases!)

I purchased my shadows from Beautybay.com, and the prices range from £4.95 to £7.95 individually, depending on whether you go for a basic eyeshadow, a foiled eyeshadow or a duochrome eyeshadow. I also purchased the Z Palette to put them in. Both the eyeshadow pans and the palette are magnetic, so they can be stored easily.


Z Palette Large – £15.95

You can use this palette to store other shadows also. I popped a few of my MAC ones in after taking these photos (if I am completely honest, I did it just because I wanted it to look more full!) But the beauty of this palette is you can mix and match and create a palette of shadows from your favourite brands. The palette also comes with magnetic strips which you can attach to the back of your eyeshadows if they are not already magnetic.

The colours I ordered were:


LTR: Burlesque, Shimma Shimma, Homecoming, Creme Brulee, Chickadee, Cocoa Bear, Bitten

I am absolutely in love with them all, and can’t wait to create some looks with them. I played around with a few of the shades as soon as I had my hands on them, and came up with this quick look:


I used no base and had no lashes on like usual, but it just goes to show how easy these colours are to use and how pigmented they can be.


The only downfall for me is that they can be quite powdery when applied to the brush, which can make them a little messy to use. But this is a small price to pay for the quality of the product you are getting.


Beauty Bay also sent me a free sample of a cleanser and toner. I am assuming it is because I spent over a certain amount on the eyeshadows (ooops!) The cleaner and toner are from a brand called Mario Badescu, a make I have never heard of before.

They are glycolic cleansers and toners, which claim to ‘deep clean pores and remove dull surface  cells’ to reveal a ‘brighter and refreshed complexion after just one use’. The Glycolic acid which is in the formula is used to break down the build up of dead skin cells  that can cause ‘blackheads, breakouts and dull texture’. 

What is unusual about this cleanser is that its recommended use is only 1-2 times weekly (normal to dry) and 2-3 times weekly (oily or problematic). 

I had a quick look on the Beauty Bay website, and these retail at approx £13.50-15.50 each. This does seem a little pricey, but if they were as good as they claimed to be, then I think it is quite a reasonable price to pay!


The first major downfall of the cleanser for me is that it is a foaming cleanser. I have, and always will prefer a cream cleanser. I think this is completely personal preference, as some women have told me they feel ‘cleaner’ with a cleanser which you have to wash off like this one. I had a quick look on the website, and they do offer a cleansing lotion, which I think would be more suitable for me, although I have no idea how good it would be compared to this.

The product also states not to get it anywhere near the eyes…and I can see why. Being the careless person that I am, I managed to get some of the product in my eye, and it stung like crazy! Note to self; always read the label!

With regards to the formula and results, I was very impressed. My skin felt extremely clean after using it. I hadn’t initially taken my make-up off before applying it, and instead used the cleanser twice to do so, and it literally didn’t leave a spot of make-up. My skin did feel brightened and refreshed after using it, so it is definitely a positive review from me. I plan to use this once a week (the sample size should then last me a little while) to see whether there are any long term results from using it.

So that is my ramble of a haul and review!

Thanks for reading!




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