A review: L’oreal Extraordinary Facial Cleansing Oil


I still use my old skincare routine (click here to read about it), but I was looking for something to take off my make-up before cleansing. I was using Garnier’s Micellar Water which is great for removing make-up, but I am convinced that it is drying out my skin. I wanted to try something new and switch it up a bit, so I ended up with this:



What it claims to do:

  • Instantly remove all traces of make-up (even waterproof!)
  • clean and nourish skin
  • Fresh non-greasy feel
  • Suitable for eyes, lips and face

How to apply:

Apply 2-3 drops with your fingerprints to your dry skin, smooth over the face and massage over the lashes, lids and lips.  Then rinse thoroughly with water

Does it work?

I have to be honest, when I actually read the back after purchasing it I was a little disappointed. I had wrongly assumed that because it was an oil based product, the directions would encourage you to apply the product with a cotton pad like you would with a toner (nice, easy and mess free!) However, applying it with my fingertips was not as bad as it seemed. It wasn’t as messy as I thought it was going to be. 

I tend to enjoy using oil based products (I love my facial oil from Dr Organics), and I felt the same when applying it. It felt very luxurious on the skin and has a slight watermelon, pleasant scent to it. I applied 2-3 pumps as advised, which was sufficient for my face, but had to apply more to massage into my mascara. 

The actual result was unbelievable. It literally did ‘melt’ my make-up off my face as described. It did take a little more time and effort to remove mascara, but it was achievable. Although it is suitable for removing eye make-up, it did get in my eye and it wasn’t pleasant (it didn’t hurt, but it turned grey/white and left me with a glaze over my eyes for a moment that I couldn’t shift!) 

I have to be honest that after using it, I don’t think I have ever seen my skin so clean. It is like it really got into my pores and removed every last inch of make-up and dirt without leaving a greasy residue. Micellar water in my opinion doesn’t even come close…so definitely a new favourite!

Just for review purposes, I finished off with adding moisturiser and not my usual cleansing and toning routine. The oil is ‘cleansing’ in itself, and I think this would be enough to use with a moisturiser in the evening if you wanted to keep it simple.

For £7.99, I think this is a fantastic product, and something that has fallen straight into my night time skincare routine without a doubt.

So that’s it!

Thanks for reading!




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