My training split has been a bit all over the place this week.. & it has just so happened that the only thing I haven’t yet trained is chest. I never usually train chest on its own (I usually incorporate it with another body party…triceps mostly). So just to switch it up a bit, I added the dreaded cardio. I am NOT a cardio fan…there is nothing I despise more actually when it comes to training. I think a lot of people feel the same & the key is definitely to keep it interesting!

So here is my workout for today…


Warm up:


Arm Rotations/Press Ups


No set reps or sets here…just to warm up the muscles!



·         Incline dumbbell chest press

·         Press ups

Warm up set – (lighter weight, 2 x 10 reps)


Working set – (heavier weight, Pyramid reps ) of each exercise


PYRAMID REPS: Starting with reps of 10 (first set), 8 (second set), 6 (third set), 4 (fourth set), 2 (fifth set)


Dumbbell press

Press ups


·         Flat bench dumbbell fly

·         Svend press


Working set – 4 x 10-12 reps of each exercise


Flat Bench Dumbbell Flies

Svend Press


Machine chest press


Working set – 2 x 10-12 reps, 3rd set to failure


Chest Press
Press ups One set to failure As above


·         Ab Rollout (KILLERS!)

·         Reverse crunch**

·         Crunches (legs up)


(I completed 10 reps of all three exercises, before taking about a 60 second break)

I completed this circuit three times

Ab Rollout (shown with barbell; I used the ab wheel)

Reverse Crunch

Crunches (shown with legs up on the ball – I just lifted my legs to a 90 degree angle)

**Reverse crunch – The instructor in the gym corrected me on these and I am so glad he did. Instead of swinging my legs up, he showed me how to focus on tilting my pelvis back and to ensure my back is completely flat on the floor at all times. When I do these now I make sure I  concentrate more on this rather than the length of movement…and I can finally feel a huge difference with them. Ask somebody to spot you and check the position of your back when doing these. You need to make sure your back doesn’t arch and that the movement of your legs is slow and controlled.

CARDIO: It was absolutely boiling outside and in the gym, and I had no intention of making it too hard on myself! I jumped on the treadmill at an incline of 15.0 (the highest on the treadmills at my gym) and fast walked uphill at a speed of 5.5 for 20 minutes. That was all I was willing to do today in this heat!

So that’s my workout for today!

I hope it helped!





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