All about macros: what I eat in a day


For a long time macros confused the hell out of me. I never understood how I was meant to know how many grams of fat/proteins/carbs I was meant to be eating, what foods I was meant to be consuming and how I was meant to be tracking it all!

As well as that, for someone who was (and still is) learning about fitness and weight lifting, the macro counting kind of took a back step. I mean come on…as if supersets, triple sets, drop sets, fasted cardio, push/pull splits and all the rest isn’t enough to take in!

But as my confidence grew in the gym and I started to see progress, I knew that I needed to monitor my nutrition in order to continue seeing results. Now I am not (and never will) count my macros down to the last gram every day. But I do follow a rough guide. As long as I do not go over by a vast amount  and I am roughly around my targets then that is good enough for me! I


For those of you who are unfamiliar, the three categories of macro nutrients (macros) are carbohydrates, proteins and fats . The calorific total of these totals the amount of calories you consume:

1g of protein = 4 calories

1g of carboyhydates = 4 calories

1g of fat = 9 calories

Therefore, when I say ‘counting my macros’, I basically mean monitoring how many grams of carbs/fats/protein I consume on a daily basis.

How many calories a person needs to consume, and how this is to be proportioned into carbs/fat/protein completely depends on that individual’s goals/build/fitness/job etc. There are a million and one ways on the internet which show you how to calculate your macros. I used this method:

Calculate your macros

I like the way it is explained on the above page, as it shows you HOW it is worked out (i.e. showing it is basically proportioning your calories) rather than just showing you a result from a calculator!

(the method shown here is based on your macros if you want to ‘cut’ i.e. lose body fat


So my macros are as follows:

Protein: 143 (30%)

Carbs: 204 (40%)

Fat: 63 (30%)

Total Calories: 1900


Obviously this can vary and completely depends on where I am, what day it is and what mood I am in. On the weekends, I completely relax my macros. I love to socialise and for me, with socialising comes alcohol. I know my progress would be a lot quicker if I took it out of the equation…but frankly I am a 24 year old who isn’t ready to do that just yet!

Meal One (7.30AM):

Two Egg Whites, Two whole eggs, 35G Smoked Salmon slices (Tesco), 1 Cup Wild Rocket, 10g Grated Cheese

Multi Vitamin, Glass of water, coffee


Meal Two  (10.00AM):

Low fat Vanilla Yoghurt


Meal Three (12PM)

Salad tomatoes (100g), Grated Mature Cheese (30g), Two slices wholemeal bread


Meal Four: (2.00PM)

Peas, Brocolli, spinach & Sweetcorn mix (160g), Quorn Chicken Style Pieces (100g)


Meal Five: (5.00PM)

Pre-workout (20 mins before the gym), BCAA’s (whilst working out), Protein shake (straight after gym)

Meal Six: (5.30PM)

Wholegrain Rice (125g), Homemade cooked fajita mix (using quorn, tinned tomatoes, fajita seasoning, peppers and onions)


Meal Seven: (7.30PM)

One Slice Wholemeal bread, Two eggs scrambled, Anchor Light Spreadable (10g)





CARBS:  178

FAT: 65

As you can see, I eat ALOT! Working out 5/6 times a week means that you also need to fuel your body. My diet could definitely be even cleaner (take out butter etc) but I like to enjoy my food. I also love cheese, and it features in most of my meals…but I always count it!

As I get closer to my holidays now, I will start to slightly lower my calories each week. My protein intake will remain constant, but the other two will reduce accordingly.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading!




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