Brow Routine <3



It comes to something when you have a whole post dedicated to your eyebrows doesn’t it?!

Statement brows have become so popular recently. Although my eyebrows are naturally dark, I have very sparse brows on the inner part of my brow and also just underneath the arch. I know without a doubt this is from over plucking when I was younger (damn you tweezers!)

So today I wanted to show how I shape and tidy my brows and what routine works best for me!

Now just as a disclaimer…I know my brows are pretty dark for my hair colour. But honestly, this is how I like them! If you want them a little lighter, you can use the same process I do, but just with a lighter tint

So here is the video! (Scroll down for more on the products used)


I have gone back and forth so many times with different tints, mascaras, pencils and brow powders. You need to find the product and method that works right for you. I have found that using a liquid allows me to create a more precise application and also I find it easier to work with.

The liquid I use is MUA’s Brow Tined Mascara (Dark Brown). This is £2.00 in Superdrug (yes, £2.00!) and I prefer it to many higher end products I have used from brands such as MAC and Urban Decay.


The brow tint mascara does come with a wand, but the wand is pretty thick and I find it hard to work with. So instead, I use ELF’s Professional Concealer Brush. This brush used to have a flat edge, but I cut inwards into the hairs to make the edge more jagged. This allows me to apply the tint creating ‘wispy’ effects and avoids harsh, blunt edges.


For the inner part of my eyebrow, I want to make sure it is not as dark as the rest and a little more sparse. Now my eyebrows do not look nowhere near natural…but by doing this it helps to avoid the extremely unnatural block eyebrow (that I did for so long!) I have zero hair on this part of my eyebrow, so it important that I use a brush which allows me to create fine lines, which appear more like hairs. To do this I found a very dense brush, thinned it out and then cut into it like I did for the one above. It is so dense it literally allows me to draw the lines on like I am using a pen!


After I have done this, I then just tidy my brows up with concealer and a concealer brush as you will see in the video! 

I hope you enjoyed this really quick post!

Thanks for reading!




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