I am back with another make-up tutorial & today it is the a smokey eye tutorial using Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky Palette  – £38.50.

I have had this palette for a while now, but for some reason it hasn’t been pulled out of the drawer a lot recently…so I really wanted to  create a look with it! Now as much as I rate this palette, as you will see in the video, the colours are very classic and you can definitely get dupes of all the colours use…so shop around before you splurge! I think Make-up Revolution do a palette which is meant to be a pretty good dupe (Make-up Revolution Iconic Smoky Palette) although I am yet to try it myself.


There are a million different methods to create the smokey eye, but this is my take on it & what I would consider a ‘classic’ smokey eye.
For those of you who are new to this look or maybe someone who is struggling to get it right, here are my top tips on how to crack it:
  1. Blending is SO important – Blending your eyeshadows into each other to avoid any harsh lines is important with any look, but with the smokey eye it is key. Have a clean, fluffy brush to hand which you can use to blend after each step. A clean brush will avoid the colours all mixing in too much and becoming ‘muddy’
  2. Transition colour – Even with a smokey eye like this, it is important to have a ‘transition’ colour which is close to your skin colour. The video cut this off in the beginning, but I used the  shade ‘Combust’ from the palette which a creamy shade. What I mean by a transition colour is a colour which will act as a transition between your dark eye colour on your lids and your skin under your brow bone. Even with a look this dark, having a lighter colour allows you to blend the harshest colours in and to create a gradual gradient back to your skin. Use a large fluffy blush to apply it roughly around your crease area and upwards. This colour can then be used again later on if you have been too heavy handed and need to blend some colours out.
  3. If you have a heavy hand like me, start with very light colours and work your way through to the darkest shades. Some like to start with a dark base all over the lid and build the colours over it to create a light inner corner. If you are new to this or just want an easier way to do it, I would suggest starting with a light base and gradually darkening the outer corner of the eye. The classic smokey eye is all about the gradiant from light to dark. The inner corner of your eyes should be the lightest, the outer corners should be the darkest.
  4. Using dark colours like this means that you have the control to manipulate the shape of your eyes. If you have round eyes like me and want them to appear bigger and wider, pull the colours upwards and outwards at the edges.

& that’s it! I hope you enjoy the video 🙂






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