So I picked up some new pieces from Boohoo online & I wanted to share them with you.

I speak about them all in the video, but I have also included extra pictures and details below!

Amy Pocket Detail Pyjama Short – £18.00

I love this & I am definitely going to keep it! The photo doesn’t really do it justice! I plan to pop a corset on underneath (which I don’t have on here), so that the black lace on the corset will peep through a bit. 

Tall Jennie Long Sleeve Basic Bodysuit – £8.00


As I mention in the video, I already own a few of these & I love them because they are so easy to pair! In the Autumn months, they look so nice with just a nice pair of ripped jeans or leather trousers, heel boots and a nice black scarf! The arms are extremely tight on these though…so it is something to bear in mind when ordering your size.

Running Vest – £10.00.

This top is so me! The slogan is so cheesy…but it’s nice to have a fun tee for the gym! I love the shape and style of this…very loose fitting so I can team it with just a sports bra.

Plunge Strap Body – £16.00

plunge top.jpg

Unfortunately, this is one item which is definitely going back. The shape of it is extremely uncomfortable and the bone structure does not sit right on me! I am not big busted, but it is quite tight on me, so I think you would struggle to wear this if you had a fuller chest. I am disappointed as I do like the way it looks, but it ‘squashes’ my upper body and disproportions my shape too much for me to keep it!

Leah Los Angeles Oversized Slash Neck Sweatshirt – £15.00

I said I wasn’t sure of this in the video, but I am definitely going to keep it after trying it on! I love the top half of it and how it sits, it is just the length of it which puts me off a bit! I am going to team this with a pair of dark ripped jeans which are high waisted to eliminate the ‘cropped’ look (which I don’t think suits me!)

Phoebe V Neck Rib Knit Dress – £15.00

Again, another one I am not sure whether I will keep! Because this only came in S, M and L, I wasn’t quite sure which size to go for. I went for the M, and although it fits nice in the majority of place, it doesn’t flatter me much around my waist. I think I will try it with different shoes/looks and see how I feel!

Diana Skinny Metal Choker (£5.00) & Rachel Velvet Choker (£3.00)

Again, I speak about these in the video and how I have found a new found love for chokers! I love these to dress up an outfit!

So that is my Boohoo Haul!

I hope you enjoyed & thank you so much for visiting my post!




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