Fitness series: An overall look at my current gym routine

PLEASE READ MY FIRST FITNESS POST BEFORE THIS ONE! – It will explain exactly why I weight train and I try my best to discard the popular worry of ‘bulking’!

If you are into your weight lifting and you haven’t yet discovered then you are missing out! It has turned into my absolute bible when it comes to my fitness. I refer to it for everything, from ideas for nutrition to checking how to perfect my form on certain exercises. I will be using the’s exercise database to demonstrate correct form and show each exercise throughout my blog posts. Form is everything! If you need to spend a whole gym session perfecting one exercise, then do it. You won’t see results effectively and it may result in injury if you become ignorant to proper instructions.

I split my gym sessions as follows:

Monday Legs
Tuesday Rest day
Wednesday Back and Biceps
Thursday Chest and Triceps
Friday Legs (or whatever body part I feel I need to focus on again that week)
Saturday Rest day
Sunday Shoulders and Abs

It is important to ensure you are hitting every body part each week – don’t neglect certain areas – keep in proportion!

The above is a normal week in the gym for me; obviously this can change depending on what I am doing each week. That is the advantage of having two rest days. You can alter which body part you train on each day.. (try and leave 48 hours between training the same body part for maximum recovery).

At the moment, I am following Jamie Easons LiveFit Trainer on the website, and I am on week four. The general idea behind her plan is as follows:

The first four weeks of the plan has NO cardio – this may seem crazy (and I also thought it was at first). The program focuses on weight training for the first month in order to build the necessary muscle to create a lean, toned frame. By adding cardio immediately, your body will the use the majority of the calories for the additional fuel it needs. Therefore the first four weeks allows your body to use all the calories it needs for muscle building only (see my first blog post – you won’t ‘bulk!’)

So the gym program I am showing you now more or less reflects ‘Phase One’ of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer and therefore my program currently has no cardio in it. I have swapped and changed some exercises to allow the program to accomodate the equipment I have to hand in my gym, but I do make sure I use exercises which target the same muscles (so no excuses if you don’t have the best gym equipment in the gym you are using!)

I usually spend about 45-60 minutes in the gym. I make sure I leave about 1 minute rest between each exercise and each set of each exercise; this allows my muscle to have enough recovery to be able to perform to maximum effort on the next set.

I hope you enjoy the breakdown of each workout in my blog posts to follow!

& Now for a picture for motivation…

The photo on the left was before I started a weight training routine. The one in the middle was before I started LiveFit Trainer, and the one on the right is me now!


PLEASE don’t worry if you think this is too muscular – my arms are up and I am tensing my back! It just looks toned when I am relaxed and normal!

So here’s to it! If you want to start following a similar weight training program to me you have three options:

  • Follow LiveFit Trainer from the start
  • Pick up from here with me and follow along with my workouts (you can always vary them to your ability)
  • Add a small amount of moderate cardio a couple of times a week if you just can’t let go yet!

I hope you enjoy all the fitness posts to come!



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